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Chapter 508

Junsui no Majin Buu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Gokuu feels weird about Buu's change, but Vegeta says he's still changing. Kaioushin-sama freaks out that Buu is reverting. Buu finishes, at a small, child-like form. Gokuu and Vegeta figure this runt should be no problem. Old Kaioushin-sama wants to know what's going on. "In my time, there were five Kaioushins... Until the Mage Bibidi's creation, Majin Buu, defeated us... I was the youngest and least powerful, but somehow I was saved, with merely a great injury... But, four were taken by Buu's hand... First, two were killed. North Kaioushin and West Kaioushin. ...And then, there was the toughest and strongest, South Kaioushin. ...Somehow he was absorbed by Buu."

Old Kaioushin-sama asks if that was the huge Buu from before. "Yes. ...The next one who was absorbed was the fat, but gentle and mild-mannered Daikaioushin-sama. ...The Majin Buu that Bibidi created was pure evil. He was a failure that Bibidi himself couldn't even handle, but once Daikaioushin-sama was absorbed, it seems he became able to control him." Old Kaioushin-sama gets that this is the original, very first, and most troublesome Buu. "Yes. ...He had gained a heart because of the absorptions, which got to the point that it reduced his power, and so now he has once again reverted to his original form. Absolutely without self-control and mind... An incarnation of evil itself..."

Buu suddenly screams, and then calms down and fires a blast down at the Earth. Vegeta quickly fires his own blast to knock that one away just in the nick of time. Gokuu is shocked Buu did that, and thanks Vegeta. Vegeta thinks Buu would've blown himself up with that, but Gokuu says how Buu can restore himself even when he's been busted into tiny pieces. Vegeta challenges Buu, but Buu just ignores him, and then makes a wicked grin. Buu creates a large energy ball over his head a la Freeza, and Gokuu says they can't deflect something that huge. Old Kaioushin-sama tells Kaioushin-sama to go give his Potara to them. Gokuu begs Buu to stop, and tries to convince him that fighting them is better than blowing up the Earth.

Gokuu calls Vegeta over and says he'll use Shunkan Idou with everyone. Gokuu spots Dende, Mister Satan, and the puppy first, with pitiful faces, so he grabs them. There's no time to get the others, and there's not even time for Gokuu to teleport away. Suddenly, Kaioushin-sama appears, and takes their hands. Vegeta notices Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten still on the ground over there. BOOM. The Earth explodes. But, Kaioushin-sama arrives on Kaioushin World with Gokuu, Vegeta, Satan, Dende, and the puppy. The old guy celebrates that they made it in time, but Gokuu says they weren't in time to save the Earth or Gohan and the others. Satan wonders if this is Heaven. "Damn you, Cacarrot... Why the hell did you save these guys and the dog over Trunks and the others...!"








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