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Chapter 510

Bejiita to Kakarotto

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #15
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Vegeta starts up a narration. "So it's begun at last... The final battle, with the fate of the entire universe at stake...!!" Buu flies at Gokuu, so Gokuu fires a Kamehameha, destroying Buu from the waist down. Buu restores himself, but immediately afterwards, Gokuu gets behind him and knocks him towards the ground. Buu blows himself into a parachute shape so that he lands safely, and Gokuu lands too. Gokuu flies forward, as Buu drives his own leg into the ground. Buu's leg comes up somewhere else and kicks Gokuu in the face, and the leg follows Gokuu as he does multiple backflips to get away. Buu fires a huge blast at Gokuu, but Gokuu teleports away, and kicks Buu in the face. Buu then elbows Gokuu, and they exchange a flurry of blows.

"Cacarrot... An amazing guy, you are... That Majin Buu, he was an opponent I couldn't stand up to at all... The only one who can fight him is you... I have a hunch that you somehow know it... Why is it that I, who should be a genius, am unable to compete with you..." Buu kicks Gokuu. "I thought it was because you had things you wanted to protect..." Gokuu hits Buu with a light blast. "I thought your strong will to protect brought forth mysterious powers... I think that was certainly there, but now I have that same thing... I fought for the sake of my way of thinking, for my pleasure, for killing my enemies, and for my pride..." Buu bites Gokuu's arm.

"But, he's different... He doesn't fight to win. He fights so that he absolutely won't lose, continually overcoming his limits...! That's why he's unconcerned with taking his opponent's lives... He didn't even kill me..." Gokuu locks Buu in a headlock and bites him on the head. "As though he completely knew that I would come to be a person with a bit of a heart for people as I am now... It pisses me off...!" Buu tries to zap Gokuu with his forelock, but Gokuu jumps over it. "To think, a gentle Saiyan who loves fighting...!!" Gokuu blasts Buu. "Give it your best, Cacarrott... You're number one!!"

Gokuu shields himself against a large Kamehameha from Buu, and Satan thinks this is a really intense dream. Buu thinks he's won, when suddenly another Kamehameha shoots up from the smoke, and blows Buu to smithereens. When the smoke clears, it's Gokuu, who says, "Dumbass!! This was a real Kamehameha!!" Gokuu is pissed that Buu's physical strength never drops no matter what you do to him, and he can always return to a new state. Vegeta goes over to Gokuu, and Gokuu hopes it's not time to switch off. Vegeta says he never intended to fight anyway. Vegeta says Buu is certainly strong beyond imagination, but so is Cacarrot. He tells him to go all out and finish Buu. Gokuu had thought he could, but he hasn't gotten the chance yet. He needs a minute to gather his ki. Gokuu wishes they hadn't destroyed the Potara. Buu begins to form again, and so Vegeta says he'll give him that one minute he needs.








  1. Incomplete
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