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Chapter 511

Inochigake no Bejiita

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Gokuu warns Vegeta that he's dead, and if he dies again, he'll disappear from This World and That World, and cease to exist at all. Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and flies over towards Buu, starting out with a huge ki blast that destroys Buu from the waist down. Vegeta then lets off a flurry of blasts, and Gokuu thinks he'll definitely have his one minute at this rate. As Vegeta is still letting off his flurry, Buu forms behind him. Buu knocks Vegeta down to the ground, hard. Vegeta tries to hold his head, which is bleeding a bit, but Buu comes over and kicks him into the air, then punches Vegeta once, twice, a headbutt, and then pummels him. Vegeta can't believe how incredibly fast and hard Buu's attacks are, and that Cacarrot was able to fight someone like this.

Gokuu hopes Vegeta can hold out, but he apparently can't. Gokuu says it's already been more than a minute, but he still can't wipe out Buu. Buu kicks Vegeta and sends him flying, then stretches out his arm and wraps it around Vegeta's neck. Vegeta is choking, and Gokuu has no idea what to do. Suddenly though, Satan calls Buu out. He delivers a lengthy promo about how he's the World Fighting Champion, etc. Buu drops Vegeta, and turns his attention to Satan. Buu flies towards him, preparing to attack, and Satan is scared even though this is a dream. Satan ducks and covers, so Buu misses him. Gokuu is impressed with Satan. Suddenly, Buu stops and begins clutching his own head, and Satan figures Buu is afraid, and laughs.








  1. Incomplete
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