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Chapter 512

Suupaa Saiyajin Surii Kieru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #17
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Satan laughs at Buu, while Gokuu wonders why Buu is acting this way just because of Satan's arrival. Buu suddenly looks nauseous, and Vegeta asks Cacarrot if he's still not done. Gokuu says it's weird, but the ki he'd gathered is starting to decrease. Buu then coughs up...Buu. The original fat one. On the other planet, Dende figures that the fat one being inside must've prevented Buu from attacking Satan. But Buu has no setbacks now, and creeps over and punches Satan in the face. Satan rolls around on the ground, exclaiming how painful this is for a dream. Satan then runs off a great distance and starts letting off some threats, but Buu just laughs, and then beats his chest like an ape. Satan thinks little of it, until Buu rushes at him again.

Suddenly, a blast comes between Buu and Satan. From the fat Buu. "I hate you. Don't mess with Satan." Mister Satan is happy to see him. The two Buus fly at each other, with the little one getting in a hard kick to the fat one. The fat Buu recovers and gives the little one a headbutt, but the little one is hardly affected, and grabs the fat one's forelock and slams him around. The fat one gets up and fires a blast at the little one, blowing off half of his torso. But the little Buu regenerates. Vegeta yells up at Cacarrot to get his act together, but Gokuu says his power is going away. He then loses his Super Saiyan 3 status. The little Buu flies through the air like a bullet and blows off the fat one's head, but he recovers, of course. Satan cheers him on, but the fat Buu doubts he can win. Vegeta thinks this has become the worst kind of game.








  1. Incomplete
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