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Chapter 513

Bejiita no Kangae

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #18
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Vegeta calls him a dumbass that he was unable to gather his ki, and additionally, he's returned to normal! Gokuu says it was much easier when he was dead, and Super Saiyan 3 really eats up the ki of a living body. Gokuu gives in. The Buus stare each other down, then fly towards each other. The little one elbows the fat one into the ground, and then puts him in a headlock. The fat one can't escape, so Satan runs over and tries to attack the little Buu. The little Buu swats him away, and the other Buu manages to break free of the headlock and slam the little one into the ground. The fat one attempts to turn the little one into chocolate, but the little one escapes and blasts the fat one from behind.

The fat Buu regenerates, and the two of them exchange blows. Gokuu thinks the situation doesn't look good. Vegeta is silent, and then suddenly calls out to the Kaioushins and Dende. They're all watching via crystal ball, and say they can hear Vegeta. Vegeta tells them to go to the restored Planet Nameck and gather the Dragon Balls, no time to explain. Old Kaioushin-sama is hesitant, but Dende scolds him. So, they'll go. Gokuu asks Vegeta what's up, it's too soon to use the Dragon Balls. Vegeta asks him how many times he's saved the Earth. Gokuu isn't sure. Vegeta says they should let the Earthlings take responsibility for themselves. The gods, meanwhile, arrive on Planet Nameck, and all the Nameckians are gathered to greet them. They even have the Dragon Balls with them.

Dende relays this to Vegeta-san, so Vegeta says to call out Porunga right away. There'll be two wishes. First, to restore the destroyed Earth to normal. Next, to return to life everyone who's died since the day of the Tenkaichi Budoukai, save the really bad people. Both of those wishes, right away. Dende is concerned, but Gokuu tells him he should go along with whatever idea Vegeta has. Dende asks about the third wish, but Vegeta says it doesn't matter; wish for whatever they like. Gokuu asks Vegeta if it wouldn't have been easier to say, "return to life the people who were killed by Buu" for the second wish. Vegeta says that would've brought back Babidi and Darbura, and none of the people Vegeta killed at the Budoukai. (Blooma already revived the people who died at the Budoukai, though...)

Gokuu is impressed with Vegeta's thinkings. Dende suddenly freaks out and remembers that Porunga can revive only one person per wish. Muuri reassures them that he's powered up Porunga since the matter with Freeza. Then, Porunga is called. Muuri wants Dende to make the wish, pending he still remembers the Nameck language, which he does. Dende makes the first wish, and Porunga says an English "okay", with the okey-dokey hand gesture.








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