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Chapter 514

Yomigaetta Chikyuujin e no Messeeji

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


The Earth has been restored to its previous peaceful state, as it was before it was destroyed by Buu. Porunga wants the second wish, so Dende tells him. Porunga says it will take a little while, because of the large amount of people to deal with it. Meanwhile, the little Buu kicks the fat one through a random mountain thing, and then rips off his own arm and throws it at the fat Buu repeatedly. Vegeta says the fatty's power is dropping, and asks Dende if the wish has been granted yet. Old Kaioushin-sama explains that Porunga is having troubles, when his halo suddenly disappears. Porunga says the second wish is granted, and Dende excitedly informs Vegeta. Vegeta's halo also disappears, making Gokuu note that he's no longer considered a bad man.

The people of Earth notice their revival, including Gohan, Piccolo, and the boys, as well as everyone at God's Palace. Gokuu asks Vegeta if his plan was to revive Gohan and Trunks and everyone so they could help fight. Nope. Vegeta wants him to prepare a Genkidama. Gokuu doubts that gathering a bit of genki from all the Earthlings will be enough against Buu. Vegeta says this was what he meant about the Earthlings taking responsibility for themselves. And it won't be just a little bit of genki, either; they'll make the people give more. Dende says Porunga wants the third wish, but Vegeta says it doesn't matter. Vegeta then wants to somehow speak to all the Earthlings at once, like Babidi did. Kaioushin-sama says that's impossible. "Leave that to me. It's my special technique!" Gokuu recognizes that as Kaiou-sama's voice. Kaiou-sama is glad Vegeta has chosen his Genkidama to be the deciding factor. He then tells Vegeta to speak, and he could even speak to the whole universe.

Vegeta speaks out to the Earthlings, explaining that they were all killed by Majin Buu, but now they've been returned to life through strange powers, and the towns and houses have been restored as well. So, this is no dream. Satan doubts this "not a dream" business, but Gokuu shushes him. Vegeta continues. "Now, somewhere, there is a warrior who is fighting Majin Buu in place of all of you!! To put it frankly, you could say the situation is pretty bad! Majin Buu's strength far exceeds even Cell's! So, I want you to lend your power!! Raise your hands towards the sky!! We'll collect your power to defeat Buu!! You'll get pretty tired, but don't worry! It'll be the same as if you'd run really hard! Well, do it! Raise your hands!!" Kaiou-sama thinks that was no way to ask.

Vegeta tells Cacarrot to begin it now, and Gokuu is impressed with Vegeta as he rips the remains of his outer shirt off. Gokuu then takes to the air, raises his hands, and says, "Everyone!! Lend me as much genki as possible! I'm beggin ya!" Gohan, Trunks, and Goten heed first, as does Piccolo, who says this is very unlike Vegeta. The others at God's Palace do the same. Gokuu has a really big Genkidama now, but Vegeta says it's still not complete, wondering why. Vegeta then hears the Earthlings being hesistant about raising their hands, and gets pissed.








  1. Incomplete
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