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Chapter 515

Atsumaranai Genkidama no Genki

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #20
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Gokuu says this isn't enough, and asks if anyone besides their friends have given their ki. Vegeta says the people won't believe him. Vegeta yells at everyone to contribute, in a very mean and threatening manner. One guy raises his hands, but after the draining effect, he says it's a "devil's trap" and warns everyone else not to do it. Meanwhile, the little Buu is pounding on the fat one, and Vegeta thinks they don't have much time, as the fatty's on the brink of death. Buu is about to deliver the final blow to the fat one, so Satan throws a rock at him. The little Buu is slightly annoyed by the rock, and turns his head towards Satan. In facing that direction, he notices the Genkidama forming.

Vegeta tells Cacarrot to talk to the Earth idiots while he buys some time. Buu starts off by hitting Vegeta in the stomach very hard, and then grabs him by the hair and prepares for another attack. Gokuu starts calling out now. "Everyone on Earth!!! I'm beggin ya!!! Because I'm beggin, lend your genki for me!!! Everyone's help is needed!!! Raise your hands to the sky for me!!! Quickly...!!!" In the Karin Holy Land, an adult Upa tells Father about this voice. Bora, now with gray hair, knows that's the voice of Son Gokuu, and he and his friends are fighting Majin Buu. Bora and Upa both raise their hands. Elsewhere, Seventeen raises a hand, saying it's been a long time since he's heard that voice. Hatchan and Sno, as well as the others in Jingle Village, recognize Son Gokuu as well, and all raise their hands.

Some other people think this new voice sounds more honest, but people still think it's a trick. Buu hits Vegeta in the face, as Gokuu wonders why it's not growing more and why people still won't understand. Vegeta swipes at Buu, misses, and then Buu delivers a hard shot to Vegeta's face. Satan is watching all of this intently. Gokuu is getting desperate. "Hurry up and do this for me, everyone!!! Doesn't it matter what happens to the Earth or the universe!? Dumbasses!!!" The people get angry and reluctant, and begin to wonder if the entire Majin Buu thing was even true. Satan is fed up of listening to all this, and yells at everyone to contribute. The people on Earth recognize his voice, and begin to wonder if Mister Satan is the one fighting Majin Buu. Satan says he is, and he needs to borrow their power. Then he somewhat apologizes to Gokuu for saying that, but at least it worked. EVERYONE raises their hands, as they chant "SATAN". Big balls of genki fly out into space, as Vegeta takes a hard kick. He's a bloody mess, and Gokuu tells him to bare with it. Satan can't believe it's still not big enough, but then, suddenly, the Genkidama has grown tremendously. Gokuu tells Vegeta to get outta the way so he can launch it.








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