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Chapter 516


Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #21·22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Gokuu tells Vegeta to move or else he'll be caught up in it, but Vegeta says not to worry about him and just do it. Buu suddenly throws a blast at Gokuu, and Gokuu quickly vanishes from beneath the Genkidama to evade it. When he reappears, he notices Vegeta's not near Buu anymore. Satan is running off with Vegeta slung over his shoulder. "You've done it, haven't ya, Satan!!! You really are the world's..." Buu comes towards Gokuu. "Savior!!!!" Gokuu launches the Genkidama. "FUCK OFF!!!!" (Sorry, but that's about the gist of kutabatchimae, especially in such a huge font with four exclamation points.) Buu tries to counter the Genkidama with a Kamehameha, but it's no use. However, Buu is barely able to hold the Genkidama off from smothering him. Gokuu tries pushing further, wishing he had just a bit more in him.

Vegeta realizes Cacarrott doesn't have enough physical strength to fully launch the Genkidama. Everyone on Nameck, as well as Enmadaiou-sama's company, all contributed their power to it, and wish their best. Dende asks Kaioushin-sama to please take him back to Kaioushin World to heal Gokuu-san, but Kaioushin-sama says he can't teleport again yet because of his own lack of physical strength. Porunga is getting really impatient about the final wish, and Dende then gets the idea to ask Porunga to restore Son Gokuu's strength. Porunga says this is very possible, and Dende informs Gokuu-san he's made this wish.

Gokuu then feels it, and thanks the Dragon Balls. He turns Super Saiyan, and says, "You're awesome. You've really done your best... All by yourself... This time, be reborn as a good guy... I wanna fight you one-on-one... So I'll be waiting... And I'll increase my strength lots and lots... Later!" Gokuu pushes the Genkidama down, and finally, Buu is completely obliterated. Gokuu drops his Super Saiyan state, and sighs with relief. Vegeta smirks and says, "Hmph... Took you long enough..." Gokuu gives a thumbs up.








  1. Incomplete
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