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Chapter 517

大団円 そして…
Daidan'en Soshite...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


"At last, Majin Buu has vanished from existence... That is, he has literally vanished from existence completely, with not a single cell remaining..." The Nameckians and the Kaioushins all celebrate. On Earth, Piccolo informs Gohan and the boys that Buu's ki is completely gone. But back on Kaioushin World, Gokuu is sitting down taking a breather, and Satan confirms it's really all over. Satan informs everyone on Earth that the dreaded Majin Buu has just died, and there is nothing left to worry about. Everyone chants "SATAN", and the people at God's Palace all dance for joy, except for Videl, who is displeased with Papa.

Dende, the puppy, and the Kaioushins return to their world, and Dende rushes over to heal Gokuu. Gokuu says Vegeta needs healing first. Satan's reunion with his puppy is shortened when the puppy runs off towards something. He's found the original fat Buu in some rubble. Satan begs Dende to heal him, but Vegeta doesn't like that idea at all, preparing to finish him off. Satan begs him not to, saying he's really not a bad guy. Vegeta doesn't think he's worth the risk, and it's best to kill him now. Satan begs Vegeta to let him take responsibility for Buu, and take him in his own home. Vegeta thinks Satan's powerless to do anything. Gokuu asks Dende to go ahead and heal Buu, and explains to Vegeta that this Buu and Satan both helped in the battle. On the off chance that something does go wrong, Gokuu will be training to be stronger anyway.

Kaioushin-sama thinks it might not be good for Buu to live on Earth, because of all the terror he'd caused the Earthlings. Gokuu says they'll just keep Buu from going outside for six months, and when the Dragon Balls revive, they'll ask Shenlong to erase Buu from everyone's memory. Vegeta gets pissed and says he doesn't care what they do, and Satan is very happy. Once Buu is healed, they'll all go back to Earth. Gokuu wants to eat and sleep lots. (There is no more dialogue, at this point.) And so, Kaioushin-sama drops them all off at God's Palace. Gokuu, Vegeta, and Dende show themselves first, and the gang all rushes over to happily greet them. Videl spots Satan and the puppy, but then everyone notices Buu beside him and freaks out. Gokuu tries to reassure everyone it's okay. Now it's just facials: Buu. Mister Satan. Gohan. Videl. Piccolo. Blooma. Trunks. Goten. Dende and Mister Popo. Gyuumaou. Kamesennin. Eighteen. Kuririn and his daughter. Chichi. Yamcha and Puer. Oolong. Vegeta. Tenshinhan and Chaozu (out in the wilderness). Kaiou-sama. Karin-sama and Yajirobe. Muuri and the other Nameckians. Enmadaiou-sama. Gokuu.

The world regarded Mister Satan as an "ultra super hero". Six months later, memories of Buu were erased from everyone's mind, except for those who were involved. But, the people still knew Satan had saved them from SOMETHING. And then another ten years passed... Trunks is a teenager now, flying in a capsule plane, but he says this sucks and puts the plane in a capsule and flies on his own. He arrives at a house and knocks on the door, with Gohan answering. Trunks asks about Goten, and Gohan says he's in the backyard training with Dad and the others. Vegeta-san and Blooma-san are there too. Trunks is surprised his parents have also come.








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