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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Act 30:
Infinite 7: Transformation - Super Sailor Moon

p. 55

Sailor Moon:
all of our hearts!

p. 56

Tuxedo Mask:
The holy grail is glowing...!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon!?

p. 57

Sailor Moon:
All of us.
Sailor Moon!?

p. 58

Sailor Moon:
We're Sailor Soldiers, and we fight with our hearts united.
Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, & Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon is
Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, & Sailor Pluto:
calling us.
Sailor Neptune:
My talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror is...
Sailor Uranus:
My talisman, the Space Sword is...
Sailor Pluto:
My talisman, the Garnet Orb is...

p. 59

Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, & Sailor Pluto:
Luna, Artemis, & Diana:
The Legendary Holy Grail!?
Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, & Sailor Pluto:
Giving power to Sailor Moon.

p. 60

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, & Sailor Venus:
Giving power.
Sailor Moon:

p. 61

p. 62-63

Sailor Venus:
My brooch
changed into a heart!?
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon!?
No, that's...

p. 64

Sailor Chibi Moon:
Super Sailor Moon!?
King Endymion:
Sailor Moon's invincible.
Chibi Usa:
Mama! Sailor Moon really was invincible!
She saved you and Crystal Tokyo.
I'm definitely gonna be a soldier like Sailor Moon one day!
Neo Queen Serenity:
Keep working hard and training, Small Lady.
And take a good look with your own eyes.
One day, you'll meet a much stronger Sailor Moon.
Super Sailor Moon.
Chibi Usa:
Super Sailor Moon!?

p. 65

Super Sailor Moon!?

p. 66

Sailor Moon powered up!?
Professor Tomoe:
What gigantic energy!
And at the center of that power, she hasn't taken any damage!? Unbelievable! Sailor Moon!! What the hell is that power!?
My head hurts!
It feels like it'll split open...
I feel nauseous... It really hurts...
Something wants to get out of my throat... my forehead... my whole body.
You're not getting out.
You're not!!
Master Pharaoh 90:
What a whirl of light!
Such a gigantic aura!
I can see a pillar of light piercing through the heavens!

p. 67

Master Pharaoh 90:
On our home world, the Taioron Crystal was once
filled with the utmost energy. This power is thousands of times greater than that!
I can see a terrifying amount of starlight inside.
Sailor Moon! Such fearsome power.
What kind of power is it!? What is this that grants life power to everything!?
It is the Mythical Silver Crystal's power,
Master Pharaoh 90.
Super Sailor Moon:
You can't deceive us anymore!

p. 68

Super Sailor Moon:
I won't get confused again!
Rainbow Moon Heartache!!

p. 69

Cyprine & Ptilol:
Damn you, Sailor Moon! You've destroyed my dear servant,
Cyprine and Ptilol! The last and greatest witch of the Witches 5!
We were just about to get rid of the
foreign bodies and see our new world begin here with Master.
But then this happens!
You've really pissed me off, Sailor Moon!

p. 70

I won't let anyone prevent me
from becoming Master's partner!
A magus like you as Master's partner?
That's crazy talk.
My head is splitting open!!

p. 71

Super Sailor Moon:
I've... powered up!?
The holy grail suddenly appeared and disappeared, giving me power.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Super Sailor Moon!!
Super Sailor Moon:
That power came from everyone.
It flowed from the holy grail to me.
Tuxedo Mask:
The Legendary Holy Grail!!

p. 72

Tuxedo Mask:
Is this the Legendary Holy Grail's power!?
Sailor Uranus:
My talisman gave Sailor Moon power...!
Sailor Neptune:
I've never seen my talisman resonate like that before!
Sailor Pluto:
I had no idea our talismans
had that kind of power...
Sailor Uranus:
I don't believe this.
the talismans are supposed to be the keys to awaken...
How could this happen?
Sailor Neptune:
Super Sailor Moon:
I wished for
all of us to unite our hearts.
I wished for you to lend me your strength.

p. 73

Sailor Uranus:
Our brooches
have changed.
I believe our hearts did communicate for a minute.
We had the same desire to help each other and beat the enemy.
And we summoned the Legendary Holy Grail
and Super Sailor Moon.
Super Sailor Moon:
We worked together so well.
Because we're all Sailor Soldiers.
We're all allies.

p. 74

Sailor Uranus:
Super Sailor Moon...!
Sailor Neptune:
...Despite all of our resistance,
the talismans were so quick to help Sailor Moon.
The talismans want us to tell Sailor Moon the truth.
We won't be able to battle if we keep hiding the truth.
We're all Sailor Soldiers!
It's Uranus's apartment.
Super Sailor Moon:
It's a wreck from Cyprine's attack!

p. 75

Super Sailor Moon:
The window glass is shattered, too...
Sailor Uranus:
I'm afraid to see the bill for that glass...
Plus the cost of renovating the broken furniture...
I'd never be able to afford it.
The rent here is 1,000,000 a month. (Guess I gotta skip out in the middle of the night.)
Super Sailor Moon:
Sailor Jupiter:
How do you have that kinda money!?
(For me it's 50,000 a month.)
Do your parents give it to you!?
Sailor Uranus:
We have patrons, so money's no object.
Sailor Neptune:

(Oh, r-really?)

Sailor Neptune:
Super Sailor Moon.
No, Princess.
As far as
we can currently trace back, the three talismans have
only been active once before.

p. 76

Sailor Neptune:
Do you remember
when the former Silver Millennium was destroyed?
Super Sailor Moon:
Sailor Neptune:
We had our personal
territories to protect, and we were not allowed to leave them.
We could only
watch over things from afar.

p. 77

Sailor Neptune:
From afar,
we heard the final cries of our
distant homeland, the Silver Millennium.
Super Sailor Moon:
...Don't talk about that.
It... breaks my heart.
Sailor Neptune:
At that moment,
our talismans,
the strongest weapons of the Outer Solar System,
began to resonate like never before.

p. 78

Sailor Neptune:
The three of us came together.
And our talismans had a beautiful glow.
The talismans summoned
the final soldier from the taboo planet, who was never
to be awakened.

p. 79

Sailor Neptune:
Protected by the destruction planet, Saturn.
The silence soldier. Sailor Saturn.
That's when we knew the end
had come.

p. 80

Sailor Neptune:
We watched as Sailor Saturn
gently swung down her Silence Glaive,
and the Silver Millennium
quietly perished.
And then our strength gave out.

p. 81

Super Sailor Moon:
Sailor Saturn...!
Sailor Neptune:
Sailor Saturn
is the guide to death. She appears at the moment of doom and brings everything to nonexistence.
When all three talismans are assembled,
they activate fully, as the keys to wake up Sailor Saturn.
We are the guardians of these keys.
When we come together,
and the three talismans assemble,
Sailor Saturn will awaken.

p. 82

Sailor Neptune:
The three talismans must not be brought together.
When Sailor Saturn awakens,
it means the world
will end.
The world will be destroyed.

p. 83

Sailor Mars:
The three talismans that lead to ruin.
So that's what that meant.
Tuxedo Mask:
But I've been having dreams where someone says to collect the talismans. Was that...?
Sailor Pluto:
The respective territories we protect are far apart,
so normally we would never meet.
But then we were reborn as humans on this planet,
and the three of us met again.
The talismans call each other.
The invaders from the outside
are now unstoppable.
That's what they feel.
And while pursuing these invaders,
we ended up finding something.
The enemy was in our grasp,
in the dead center of the
cursed delta.

p. 84

Sailor Pluto:
And so was the soldier of ruin's reincarnation.
Super Sailor Moon:
It can't be...
Sailor Chibi Moon:
...It's Hotaru-chan...?
Hotaru-chan is Sailor Saturn!?

p. 85

Sailor Pluto:
Sailor Saturn's awakening is near. Her body is starting to feel it.
Tuxedo Mask:
Has Saturn's soul been calling the talismans!?
Sailor Pluto:
Super Sailor Moon,
Chibi Moon!
As you know, there's a future.
The destruction can't come here and now.
This is an accident.
At some point, the gears of fate
went off track, reincarnating Saturn's soul.
Tuxedo Mask:
How could this...?
Sailor Pluto:
I do not know...
Sailor Uranus:
Whatever happens, we can't let Sailor Saturn awaken!
Sailor Venus:
What do you plan to do?

p. 86

Sailor Uranus:
We'll kill her.
And we'll seal Saturn away completely!
Super Sailor Moon:
No...! You don't mean that, right!?
Sailor Mercury:
We still don't know whether the three talismans are active!

p. 87

Sailor Uranus:
The way the talismans all resonated,
and that power they released to call Super Sailor Moon...
I know my talisman is overflowing with power.
The same as it was back then.
When the Silver Millennium fell.
The time for the talismans to activate and wake up Saturn
is near.
Super Sailor Moon:
Even so, how can you kill her!? There has to be another way!

p. 88

Sailor Uranus:
Even if we don't do it,
that girl's body doesn't have long.
You've seen her body, right? Little Usagi-chan.
Hotaru was seriously injured in an accident when she was 8.
She made a miraculous comeback from a coma.
Professor Tomoe has one of the greatest brains, yet he was banished from the academic society. The culmination of his life's work
is the fusion of human and machine.

p. 89

Sailor Uranus:
The professor mechanized and reconstructed Hotaru's body, as if she were a doll.
Her body is already falling apart.
Sailor Jupiter:
Isn't there any way to save Hotaru-chan?
Sailor Uranus:
Right now, there's only one way to save her:
if she awakens as Sailor Saturn and becomes a soldier with powers.
But we can't let that happen.

p. 90

Sailor Mars:
We have no right to take Hotaru-chan's life just to seal away Saturn!
Sailor Uranus:
To keep the world from going down the road to ruin,
we'll kill her now.
We'll kill her and beat the enemy!
If we don't kill her,
the destruction will definitely come.
Everything will be wiped out.
And then the nonexistence.
I don't think we can stop it.
But right now our mission is to seal away Sailor Saturn before she awakens.

p. 91

Super Sailor Moon:
No. No!
You can't kill her!!
There's a way to fix everything!
Saturn might not wake up.
Because there's a future.
Somehow, the world won't be destroyed!
We'll fix things.
I'm sure we can save everyone.
You can't... kill her...!
Sailor Neptune:
I knew you'd say that.

p. 92

Sailor Neptune:
That's why we can't work together.
We can't be allies.
Hate us if you want.
You can even think of us
as enemies.
This is the only way,
so we're gonna carry out our mission
and save the world.

p. 93

Super Sailor Moon:
Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Hotaru-chan is
Sailor Saturn, the bringer of destruction.
Chibi Usa-chan!

p. 94

Sailor Chibi Moon:
She had strange powers. Deep eyes.
And she always looked lonely. Hotaru-chan.
...we'll kill her.
Tuxedo Mask:
Chibi Moon!!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
They can't do it! I have to help her!
I have to get to Hotaru-chan!!

p. 95

Sailor Chibi Moon:
I can't let them kill her!

(The way she always does it. →)

Sailor Chibi Moon:
I won't run away this time.
No matter what she looks like. No matter who she is. No matter what destiny she has.
Hotaru-chan is my friend!
Sailor Uranus:
That's... Sailor Chibi Moon!?

p. 96

p. 97

Professor Tomoe:
What's that sound!?
Super Sailor Moon:
Chibi Moon!

p. 98

Super Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa!!
Small Lady!?

p. 99

Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!!

p. 100

Sailor Venus:
Who's that??
Is that Hotaru-chan!?
Hehe hehehehe
Super Sailor Moon:
Is that
Saturn!? She's awake!?

p. 101

Sailor Uranus:
The talismans aren't active! She's...!!
I've got it!
I've got the
Mythical Silver Crystal!
Master Pharaoh 90!
I have awakened! Hehe hahahaha

p. 102

Tuxedo Mask:
Chibi Usa!?
Super Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa!?
Her body's cold.
Chibi Usa!?
She's not breathing!?

p. 103

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