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Sailor Lethe:
A giant light is approaching.
Sailor Mnemosyne:
The fighting will begin. I'm scared, Lethe.
Sailor Lethe:
Don't worry, Mnemosyne. I'll protect you.
To secure our peaceful, happy future, we can't allow anyone to take one step past us.

p. 49

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 56:
Stars 7

p. 50-51

Princess Kakyuu:
That prominent cluster of stars is the center of the galaxy.
Sagittarius A Star.[note]
And further in, the central portion of Sagittarius A Star is
Sagittarius Zero Star.

p. 52-53

Princess Kakyuu:
The birthplace of the stars.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
Birthplace of the stars?
Princess Kakyuu:
All Star Seeds in the galaxy are born in Sagittarius Zero Star.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
The birthplace of Star Seeds...
All the stars throughout the galaxy,
including Earth and us,
are born there?

p. 54

Sailor Star Fighter:
If that's where
Shadow Galactica is,
does Galaxia plan to control the growth and decay system of the galaxy's stars?
Princess Kakyuu:
Most likely.
We'll fly straight to Zero Star.
But I can't guarantee we'll land safely.
Sailor Star Healer:
I'm ready, Princess. It's unknown territory, after all.
Plus it's smack dab in the middle of the enemy base.

p. 55

p. 56

Eternal Sailor Moon:
What is this place...!?
A gate to Zero Star!?

p. 57

Princess Kakyuu:
I'm so
thirsty all of a sudden...

p. 58

Sailor Lethe:
I am Lethe, ferryman of this desert-river.
Come aboard, strangers.

p. 59

Eternal Sailor Moon:
The desert's turning to water!?
Princess!! Chibi-Chibi, Starlights!!

p. 60

...Where am I...?
...When did I... get here...?

p. 61

Sailor Lethe:
Are those your cats?
Sailor Lethe:
If you take care of cats, you'll feel lonely when they die.
You're better off by yourself.
Don't you think so?
Better off by....
...No... I get lonely by myself.
So I feel like
I've made a lot of friends...
Sailor Lethe:
I guess you crave companionship.
So what are your friends like?

p. 62

What are they like?
My friends.
I... can't really remember.
Sailor Lethe:
Do you have a boyfriend?
A boyfriend?
...Maybe I did.
Who gave me this ring...?
Who am
I can't remember

p. 63

Sailor Lethe:
A person's memories aren't worth much. (Hehe)
Even our bodies are just containers.
The only thing of real value
is power!!

p. 64

Small Lady:
My chest is aching!!
What!? What happened!?
What is this pain!?

p. 65

Small Lady:
Mama, Papa!
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady...!
Small Lady:
I haven't seen Diana in days.
I can't find her anywhere.
Where is she?
Luna!? Artemis!?

p. 66

Small Lady:
Their bodies...!!
Diana can't be...
That vision I had!! Diana can't be...!
Is she already gone...!?
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady.
Diana had a duty to investigate abnormalities in space-time,
and she jumped to the past.
Small Lady:
The past!?
Please! Let me go to the past again!
These abnormalities cross space-time, and it's because of something Sailor Moon is fighting, isn't it!?
I want to go to Sailor Moon, help defeat the enemy, and restore peace!

p. 67

Small Lady:
Something happened to Diana.
I know it.
I can feel it.
What exactly's going on!? Tell me, Mama!
Their crystals are glowing!?

p. 68

Small Lady:
The way their crystals are glowing...
All their bodies are about to fade away!
Could these
abnormalities in the past mean
their lives are in danger in the past...!?
I'm going
to the past!!
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady!
What are you saying!? It's dangerous!!

p. 69

Small Lady:
Just as you have to protect the 30th Century,
right now I have a mission to fight
beside Sailor Moon.
My body is shouting that I have to go.
Everyone's calling me.
Yeah. This pain in my chest is their pain from across space-time!!
Pink Moon Crystal Power

p. 70

Sailor Chibi Moon:

p. 71

Sailor Ceres:
Sailor Ceres.
Sailor Pallas:
Sailor Pallas.
Sailor Juno:
Sailor Juno.
Sailor Vesta:
Sailor Vesta.
Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, & Sailor Vesta:
The Sailor Quartet is here!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
I'm leaving, Mama.
Please protect the 30th Century.
Neo Queen Serenity:
Go on. Through space-time,
across the galaxy.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Across the galaxy!?
I'll go take a good look for myself.

p. 72

Sailor Chibi Moon:
What's happening across the galaxy?
...How can you kill
all born to live.
Sailor Lethe:
Living things
are born to die.

p. 73

Sailor Lethe:
Myosotis Alpestris!![note]
Are you trying to kill me...?

p. 74

Sailor Lethe:
Because you came here to lose everything.
My name, my life.
Lose everything...
That's not it.
I had a lot of friends I don't want to lose.
My name, my life.
It was all for my friends. My teammates.
...Yeah. It's not to lose them.
I came here to get my friends back...
Sailor Lethe:
No one can beat me
at the bottom of the River of Oblivion. (Hehe)
Goodbye, Sailor Moon.

p. 75

Sailor Mnemosyne:
Stop it, Lethe!
Sailor Lethe:
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Sailor Moon is already hurting a lot.
Leave the final judgment to Galaxia-sama.
...Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon...
That name...
That's right.

p. 76

Eternal Sailor Moon:
I'm Sailor Moon!! I came here to get everything back!!

p. 77

Sailor Lethe:
She actually got her memories back in my River of Oblivion!!
Damn her!
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Please stop it!!

p. 78

Eternal Sailor Moon:
Chibi-Chibi, are you okay!?
Sailor Chibi-Chibi:
Sailor Lethe:
Are you turning your back on me, Mnemosyne?
Sailor Mnemosyne:
I just
don't want you to hurt our fellow Sailor Soldiers anymore.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
Princess Kakyuu!?
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Drink this water from my River of Memory.
Sailor Lethe:

p. 79

Princess Kakyuu:
Sailor Moon!? Where are we...!?
Eternal Sailor Moon:
I didn't come here so we could kill each other.
I came to get my friends' Sailor Crystals back.
Where are their crystals!?
Sailor Lethe:
The Sailor Crystals aren't here.
This is an immense moat that doubly defends the Galactica Palace of the Shadow Galactica empire.
The desert-river.
I am guardian of the River of Oblivion.
Sailor Lethe from the planet Lethe.
Sailor Mnemosyne:
I am guardian of the River of Memory.
Sailor Mnemosyne from the planet Mnemosyne.

p. 80

Sailor Lethe:
I can't let you go any further, Sailor Moon.
Not while you're alive.
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Sailor Lethe:
Close your eyes if you don't want to see it, Mnemosyne!
Have you forgotten!?
We swore to follow Galaxia so we could gain peace and happiness!
Our planets were small and poor.
Always at war and chaotic.
When Galaxia
appeared and brought
death and silence to our planets,
our only option was to follow her.

p. 81

Sailor Lethe:
But when we survive this battle
and Galaxia unifies the galaxy,
I know we'll get a new future.
Peace and happiness will come this time, Mnemosyne.
Princess Kakyuu:
You can't have peace and happiness under the destruction soldier!
Don't you realize that!?
How many people has Galaxia killed!?
Destruction and murder are all you'll ever find with her!
Sailor Lethe:
Well, Sailor Moon,
is there a peaceful, happy future with you?
A future with no fighting?

p. 82

Sailor Lethe:
The power you have attracts fights, Sailor Moon!
As long as you exist, the fighting will never end. From our perspective, you're the enemy!
No matter who wins, I know the future will be the same.
I just want to end this battle now
and gain peace and happiness for Mnemosyne and I. That's all.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
...If it'll end this battle,

p. 83

Eternal Sailor Moon:
kill me.
I came here
to end this battle, too.

p. 84

Eternal Sailor Moon:
I fight to end the battle.
That's a Sailor Soldier's mission and mindset!
We always have the same wish.
No matter what
the future might bring.
Sailor Mnemosyne:
go on, Sailor Moon.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
Sailor Mnemosyne!

p. 85

Sailor Lethe:
Even if we don't beat you...
Whether you live or die here,
the battle won't end.
Eternal Sailor Moon:
Sailor Lethe...!
Sailor Chi:
Useless fools.

p. 86

Eternal Sailor Moon:
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Sailor Lethe:

p. 87

Eternal Sailor Moon:
Lethe...!! Mnemosyne!!

p. 88

Princess Kakyuu:
Healer!! Maker!! Fighter!!
Sailor Phi:

p. 89

Eternal Sailor Moon:
No!! They took their Sailor Crystals!?

p. 90

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