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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 32:
無限6 3戦士
Infinite 6: Three Soldiers

p. 59

Sailor Chibi Moon:

p. 61

Sailor Chibi Moon:
Is it really you!?
Sailor Pluto:
Small Lady.
No, Sailor Chibi Moon.
With the help of your beautiful mother, the great Neo Queen Serenity,
I have been reincarnated.
For a significant mission.

p. 62

Sailor Chibi Moon:
A significant mission?
She seems
different from the Pluto I knew.
She's stronger,
and greater...
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!?

p. 63

Sailor Pluto:
It is good to meet you,
Princess Serenity. Our new queen-to-be.

p. 64-65

Sailor Uranus:
From the Outer Solar System. Protected by the wind planet, Uranus. The sky soldier. Sailor Uranus.
Sailor Neptune:
Also from the Outer Solar System. Protected by the ocean planet, Neptune. Sailor Neptune.

p. 66

Sailor Pluto:
And protected by the underworld planet, Pluto. Sailor Pluto.
We three soldiers of the Outer Solar System are here!

p. 67

Sailor Pluto:
My princess.
We are prepared to atone in any way for our constant rudeness.
But it
was all to protect you and this planet.
Please forgive us.
Since ancient times, we too
have protected the Silver Millennium from afar,
as soldiers that fight invaders from remote space.
Just as the princess and
the Silver Millennium have been revived here,
we too were
promised reincarnation like the rest of you.
So now we've newly awoken on this planet.

p. 68

Sailor Pluto:
However, it seems we were too late.
By the time we had awakened completely and sensed the crisis,
they had already invaded.
Completely undisturbed,
they made that fortress their nest.
We did not see this enemy's invasion at all.
It is our failure.
Sailor Venus:
Where did the
Death Busters come from...?
Sailor Neptune:
Death Busters?
Is that what they call themselves?
They're aliens that came from foreign space to invade this planet.

p. 69

Sailor Mercury:
The Tau System.
That's something they said. Is that where they're from?
Sailor Pluto:
Yes. They were attracted to the
giant power in this land from a distant space-time, I suppose.
The Mugen Sandbank area is covered in a giant aura filled with strange power.
They must have been drawn here because of it.
Whether by accident or design...
There is a kink in the space-time here. That seems to be where they broke in.
If we don't get rid of this kink in space-time soon,
this planet will suffer an even worse invasion.
Sailor Uranus:
if we don't defeat "her,"
this planet will be driven to destruction!
Princess Serenity:

p. 70

Sailor Uranus:
The one we must defeat. Our greatest enemy.
We posed as students and managed to get into Mugen Academy.
But just when we were almost done,
someone got in the way, and now we can't go to the academy anymore.
Sailor Neptune:
I feel bad that you got dragged into this.
Princess Serenity:
But we're fellow soldiers!
Sailor Neptune:
But this enemy, the Death Busters,
is one we have to handle.
You don't need to get involved.
Sailor Venus:
We can help, too!

p. 71

Sailor Uranus:
You'll get in our way.
Sailor Jupiter:
Sailor Neptune:
It's too much for you.
Princess Serenity:
No way! We've been battling all this time!
We're soldiers, too!
Sailor Neptune:
This is different!
What the Death Busters really are and what kind of attack they're waging is a complete mystery.
Plus, our greatest enemy is
someone you can't defeat.
This is
our jurisdiction.

p. 72

Princess Serenity:
We can't even help?
Sailor Neptune:
We can't waste any time.
We have to carry out our mission smoothly.
Sailor Jupiter:
What the hell!? You make it
sound like we're just dead weight!
Sailor Uranus:
Now that we've quit school, the enemy will probably
sniff us out and come after us!
Do you wanna be in danger that badly!?
We live in those condos and
always watch over Mugen Sandbank.
We won't fail.
And we'll absolutely beat "her" ourselves.

p. 73

Sailor Uranus:
...Don't look at me like that, Princess...
I didn't mean to cause you so much trouble.
Sailor Neptune:
Uranus is
a man and a woman.
She is a soldier that combines both sexes and the strength of each.

p. 74

Sailor Neptune:
The three of us have special powers that the rest of you don't.
We have been
granted stronger
power and stronger items.
Let us handle this.
Tuxedo Mask:
Hold on.
What's this "greatest enemy" like? She's that powerful?
Sailor Neptune:
Tuxedo Mask:
Are these stronger items you have
the three talismans that lead to ruin?

p. 75

Sailor Mars:
I've been having ominous visions for a while
that say, "Do not collect the talismans."
What exactly are these weapons of yours, the talismans!?
What's your mission...?
Sailor Uranus:
Our talismans
and our greatest mission
are to put an end to our greatest enemy: the god of destruction.
Princess Serenity:
God of destruction!?

p. 76


Mugen Academy
Being Held Responsible
For Series of Missing Students
Mugen Botanical Garden
"Mugen Academy being held responsible for series of missing students."
"Corpses at Mugen Botanical Garden! Garden is closed. Bay area developments stop."
What'll the Death Busters do next?
And what are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto planning?
Who exactly is this god of destruction!?
So that mad scientist is causing a stir again.
Papa, do you know him!?
He was a world renowned genetic engineering scholar about 7 or 8 years ago.
But I believe it was revealed that his research went too far, and he was banished from the academic society.

(Papa's a magazine editor. He knows everything.)

p. 77

Crown Game Center

Everywhere I looked, there was no data on Professor Tomoe's past.
But I finally found it online at an academy society website.
Souichi Tomoe
Souichi Tomoe
Life's Work:
Super Organisms
Life's work: Super Organisms?
He was banned from the academic society 6 years ago
for repeated acts of extreme animal experimentation and genetic modification.

He sold his experimentation know-how to a corporation and bought up the Mugen District.

Two years later.

In a large fire at a building under construction in the Mugen District.

Keiko (32)

Hotaru (8)
Seriously Injured

p. 78

After that, the professor vanished from the public eye.
Hey, Chibi Usa.
I want you to keep an eye on Hotaru-chan.
As soldiers, we have to
search the enemy base, find out who they really are, and wipe them out.
The enemy invasion has gone underground. We have to stop them, no matter what.
I think Professor Tomoe really is suspicious.
It may be a hard and dangerous duty, though.
Can you do it?
Chibi Usa:
As soldiers...
Got it.
I'll do
my best, too!

p. 79

Master Pharaoh 90:
Our source of life, the Taioron Crystal...
is dying out...
We must replace it soon...
It won't be long before we've
used up all these puny human Hosties.
In order to revive me,
we must get this light that nears the infinitely powerful
Taioron Crystal!

p. 80

Master Pharaoh 90:
The light of Stellar Protection. Gather it. Hehe
We'll get rid of this destruction!
We've finally found a safe place to live.
No one will take it!
The lights are quickly coming together in this land.
Drawn to the land's aura.
Something's going to happen.
These three new lights of Stellar Protection...
A bad omen!
The lights weren't so powerful before.

p. 81

Are these the owners of the three talismans!?
Is the destruction unstoppable now!?
These intense whirls of starlight come from
the Sailor Soldiers. They're always disrupting my reflecting pool!!
Or are the disruptions because of this land's abnormal aura power, and its ability to amplify things?
Master Pharaoh 90.
Trapped by the abnormal aura of this holy land, the Omega Area, and by the intense lights of Stellar Protection.
We're not the ones who can't escape...

p. 82

Professor Tomoe:
I'm sorry, Professor.
I am being so absent-minded.
Professor Tomoe:
Master's favorite. Just worry about getting rid of those
foreign body Sailor Soldiers.
Since making all of Master's wishes come true
seems to be too much for you and your subordinates.
I'm interested in this light with power that nears the Taioron Crystal, too. But
I have my research.
Wasting troops means wasting eggs.
You don't want to risk incurring Master's wrath.

p. 83

The professor has no idea what I've been through!
You'll have to clean up this humiliating mess made by the Witches 5.
The final witch of the Witches 5.
I, Cyprine, will certainly get rid of the Sailor Soldiers and obtain the finest Hosties.
And I
shall obtain the light that nears the
Taioron Crystal.
To please Master Pharaoh 90.
I'll let you handle things.
But first,

p. 84

edit the academy's computer.
Some students have disappeared.
To think that someone could escape from our academy.
They were perfect candidates for Vessels, but
they're dangerous foreign bodies!
They could be...!
They can't get away with this!
Find them at once, and eliminate them!

p. 85

(I love milk!)

Chibi Usa:
Ikuko Mama! We're gonna go see a movie after school today.
So I'll be home late.
Ooh, nice. What're you gonna see? (An anime?)
Chibi Usa:
It's a secret!
(Who're you going with!?)
(Could it be Mamo-chan!?)
(Why, you!)
Chibi Usa:
Well, Hotaru-chan was the one that called to invite me to a movie.
Chibi Usa-chan?
Chibi Usa:
What if we go see a movie next time? ...No, it doesn't have to be a movie.
Maybe we could go somewhere and have fun with your friends?
Chibi Usa:
Since Hotaru-chan was the one to give the invite,
maybe there's something she wants to talk about.

p. 86

Chibi Usa:
It'd be great if we could talk about the professor.
Hey, Chibi Usa.
This is pretty. What is it?
Chibi Usa:
Oh, Kenji Papa! That's the
Legendary Holy Grail I made with Usagi and Mamo-chan!
(Usagi and "Mamo-chan?")
Chibi Usa:
Kenji Papa, do you know what a holy grail
is? It's a very special cup. During sacred
ceremonies, you'd drink wine or holy water from it.
Small Lady is growing more mature and soldier-like.
She sure is.
Oh no. It looks like it might rain again today.
I guess the weather just won't improve at all.

p. 87

Lately it's gloomy every afternoon. I wonder why. (What awful weather.)
Now Playing

Now Playing
Chibi Usa-chan, the movie's gonna start.
Now Playing
Chibi Usa:
Hotaru-chan's not here... We've been waiting almost an hour, so I wonder what's wrong.
You go on ahead.
(It's the number for my room.)
Chibi Usa:
The number for Hotaru-chan's room.
No one's answering...
she fell again
and can't call me...

p. 88

Chibi Usa:
...It's kinda cold. The clouds are so black...
Tomoe Laboratory
Professor Tomoe:
How do the new parts feel?
They're fine, Papa.
I'm getting used to them.
Professor Tomoe:
They're newly developed cells and nerve tissue.
With the latest types of components and receptors. Now they won't cause anymore accidents.
I have to hurry. Chibi Usa-chan might've left already. I'm gonna be really late.

p. 89

Chibi Usa-chan!?

p. 90

Chibi Usa:
I'm sorry. I...
just barged in here...
Chibi Usa-chan!
Another... attack...

p. 91

Mama! It's too hot!
Professor Tomoe:
Morning, Hotaru. Are you awake? How are you doing?
What's this...?
(heavy breathing)
I don't wanna know the secrets behind this cold, lifeless body.

p. 92

I've been all alone.
Papa's always doing lab work.
I thought I'd just die alone.
Chibi Usa:
It'd be better as
a present for Hotaru-chan, as a sign of friendship.
Just when I'd finally made a friend...
Why do I have to live with a body like this?
Is there a meaning to my life?

p. 93

My head...
Owww! I feel like I'm burning up.
Who is it?
Who's there...?
...Are you
spirits of death?
Why do you have to look at me with so much pity!?

p. 94

It hurts...
Someone wants to get out of
my forehead... my body.
...Someone's trying to take control of me...
Chibi Usa:
What do I do?
I think
I saw something I wasn't supposed to...
I was in an accident a long time ago,
and I have lots of scars.
Chibi Usa:
...It took me by surprise...
What do I do?
I ran away... Did I hurt Hotaru-chan...!?

p. 95

Chibi Usa:
This is... hail? In this season!?
I feel numb! I'm losing strength...
This hail is weird!!
It's hail!
Let's get out of here, Mamo-chan! (Oh no!)
Chibi Usa!?

p. 96

Black clouds are spreading out from Mugen Academy...!
There you are, Haruka Ten'ou! The Mugen Academy fugitive.
Michiru & Setsuna:

p. 97

Kugh! So you came after all, Death Busters!!
Uranus Planet Power
Sailor Neptune:
Sailor Uranus:
Neptune, Pluto!
Holders of Stellar Protection! So New Sailor Soldiers have shown up!
Crown Game Center
Artemis! Look at the monitor!
Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!

p. 98

Luna! Artemis! It's really bad! The whole town's...
I think... hail is attacking the town.
People all over town are suddenly trying to kill each other...!!
Uranus and the others are fighting the enemy in the air above Mugen Sandbank!
We don't need to help them.
Let's go, guys!
We're gonna help both the townspeople and the three of them!

p. 99

Chibi Usa!
This might be a really intense battle! So you wait here out of danger!
Chibi Usa:
Please take care of Chibi Usa!
The professional of the Mugen Academy witch training class! I, Level 999 Cyprine, have magic that no one can counter!
Ribbon Buster!!
Sailor Mars:
Mars Snake Fire!!

p. 100

Sailor Uranus:
What're you doing here...!? Get out of here!!
You're not getting away!
Sailor Neptune:
Do you wanna die that badly?
Sailor Uranus:
In that case, we'll fight you. We can help you die.
Sailor Pluto:
We'll help kill you.

p. 101

Sailor Jupiter:
Are you mocking us!?
You're the ones that'll get killed!
Sailor Moon:
What's wrong!? Get a hold of yourselves!
Did Cyprine's magic do this to them!?
Hehe. My magic amplifies the dark heart that lies deep down within them.
Show your true feelings and kill each other! Hahahaha
Sailor Moon:
Moon Spiral Heart

p. 102

I'm Cyprine.
And Ptilol. The two of us are a single witch.
Sailor Moon:
She split up!?
Where's this power that nears the Taioron Crystal, Cyprine?
We won't even have to do anything personally, Ptilol. Because of those Sailor Soldiers. See?
Sailor Moon:
Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, & Sailor Pluto:
We'll kill you!
Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, & Sailor Venus:
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Guys! Open your eyes!
Don't fight!
Be friends again!

p. 103

Sailor Chibi Moon:
Pink Sugar Heart Attack!!
Sailor Jupiter:
Stay out of our way!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon:
Tuxedo Mask! Chibi Moon!

p. 104

Sailor Moon:
Everyone stop it!!
Sailor Venus:
Damn you!
Sailor Uranus:
You just don't quit. Are you gonna keep coming back for more!?
Cyprine & Ptilol:
Hehe hahahaha
Sailor Moon:
Why do we
have to fight!?
Because we're all so hostile deep down!?

p. 105

Sailor Moon:
The three of them have always helped us.
Sailor Pluto:
We too have protected the Silver Millennium from afar.
Sailor Moon:
They fight to protect the ones they love!
They have the same goal as us.
We can't be deceived.
We have to unite our hearts.
We're Sailor Soldiers, and we fight with our hearts united.

p. 106

Sailor Moon:
our hearts.

p. 107

p. 108

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