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Regarding Manga Translations: So it has come to my attention that the Sailor Moon manga will be re-released in North America starting in September 2011. That kind of puts a damper on this project. Or does it? The Japanese manga (and text therein) has always been copyrighted, so this has always been an unlicensed derivative work. Thus, the legality of this project hasn't really changed, except for the possibility that now I'd be competing with an official product, which is not my intention.

If you really want to read Sailor Moon in English, I would recommend buying the official new English releases. If there are errors in the official translations, you can check against my scripts for the correct line(s), assuming I didn't screw it up too. I'd also recommend importing the Japanese books, regardless of whether or not you want the new English books. Support the series in some form, and use my scripts in addition to that.

Also, the new English releases are based on the 2003 reprint volumes, which have a number of changes from the original tankoubon. But I can now do scripts for both versions of the manga here, as well as track all the major changes between them.

This project has been a way for me to practice Japanese (and CSS styles) with a subject I'm very familiar with. I plan to continue it as long as Kodansha, et al., will allow me to do so. Eventually, I also plan to include other translation projects (like music lyrics).

Translation Progress:
Manga Acts: 95% (49/52, 57/60)
Manga Extras: 70% (7/10)

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