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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Act 12:
Decisive Battle - Reincarnation

Sailor Moon:
I love you. The first and only person I've ever been in love with.
If we're reborn, I'm sure we'll meet again.
I'm sure we'll
fall in love again.

p. 140

p. 141

Sailor Moon:
We've transcended time and been reborn,
and next time,
...be happy...

p. 142

Sailor Venus:
Princess!! We weren't...
We weren't reborn so we could face something... like this!!
Is this an unavoidable fate?

p. 143

Sailor Venus:
Are we repeating our past life again?
The Mythical Silver Crystal... is reverting to its complete form...!?

p. 144

Sailor Jupiter:
How could this be!?
The Mythical Silver Crystal is engulfing the two of them...!!

p. 145

Sailor Mars:
Oh no!
The one making the Mythical Silver Crystal grow is...!!
It's Queen Metallia!!
Queen Metallia:
Ohhh, such powerful light.
That powerful energy flows through and brightens this dark empire. That power!!

p. 146

Queen Metallia:
I can move completely and freely. Everything will be
mine this time!!
It's dangerous, guys!!
They'll be swallowed up!!

p. 147

Sailor Venus:
Swallowed up!?
...By Queen Metallia...
Queen Serenity:
Always protect your master.

p. 148

Queen Serenity:
Even if
times change
and her appearance changes,
she's your one and only master.
...I couldn't protect my dear
Queen Metallia:
Hehe hahaha
Queen Metallia!?
Sailor Mars:
Is she going to the surface!?
Sailor Jupiter:
We're going after her!!

p. 149

What is this place...!?
Sailor Venus:
What's with this stone plain!?
This is supposed to be the Arctic Circle!
A vast, cold, cluster of megaliths.
...It's like a stone graveyard.
The same as the ruins
of our Silver Millennium...!
Queen Metallia:
I was sealed away by the queen of the lunar kingdom.
I held my breath deep beneath the ground.
For so long.

p. 150

Queen Metallia:
But now I've been revived. The Mythical Silver Crystal's power is surging within me!
Now, everything on this planet
will be mine!!
Sailor Jupiter:
Darkness completely covering the sky!?
Is she some kinda monster...!?
Sailor Mercury:
She became giant from taking in the Mythical Silver Crystal!? This can't be...!!
Sailor Venus:
Venus Power!
Sailor Jupiter:
Jupiter Power!
Sailor Mercury:
Mercury Power!

p. 151

Sailor Mars:
Mars Power!
Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars, & Jupiter:
Sailor Planet Attack!
Queen Metallia:
Hehehe hahaha
All energy is just food for me.
As long as I have the Mythical Silver Crystal,
I am invincible!

p. 152

Queen Metallia:
I won't let anyone get in my way.
Sailor Mercury:
Luna looks bad...!!
Venus!! Let's go to Artemis!
Crown Game Center

Sailor Mercury:
Artemis! Luna's...!!

p. 153

Sailor Venus:
Queen Metallia has been released.
She's completely covered the sky above D Point, and she keeps getting larger...!
The princess and
Prince Endymion were swallowed up. She engulfed both of them and grew bigger, along with the Mythical Silver Crystal.
So Queen Metallia is getting larger because of their power?
An abnormal cold wave is sweeping through many areas.
We are under a state of emergency.

p. 154

Sailor Mercury:
If this keeps up, the whole world will be affected...!
Sailor Mars:
Are they safe?
Or did Metallia...!?
Usagi-chan's alive.
The Mythical Silver Crystal healed them, and I'm sure it's protecting them.
Sailor Venus:
We're going back to D Point!
We have to stop her.
We'll get them back! Both the princess and the Mythical Silver Crystal!!

p. 155

Luna! I guess you've overexerted yourself.
The wound you got from Tuxedo Mask is open so wide.
It's my fault.
I couldn't help her.
...She was in so much pain.
Yet I made her fight.
Against the one she loves...
Take me to the Moon.
To Mare Serenitatis.
To the Moon Castle's Prayer Room...

p. 156

To the holy tower of prayer, the Crystal Tower...
Please appear
before us again!
Queen Serenity!!
Please release the great lunar power that can
seal away Queen Metallia!
If we had that power, everyone would be saved, right!?

p. 157

I will offer prayer in the princess's stead!
Somehow, please...!
Princess! Usagi-chan!!
You can't be dead!
You can't die!!
getting covered by a black shadow...!
It's turning into a planet of darkness...!
Don't panic! Calm down and find shelter!
You're in my way. Move!!
What'd you say!?

p. 158

Queen Metallia:
Hehe hahaha
Sailor Mars:
Queen Metallia is spreading out further...!
Sailor Jupiter:
Is she unstoppable now!?
Sailor Venus:
Metallia shouldn't have been able to absorb the Mythical Silver Crystal so easily.
We've been waiting for this. It's time to crush Queen Metallia!
As we also protect the princess and Prince Endymion!
We don't have the power to seal away Queen Metallia, but

p. 159

Sailor Venus:
we'll set things up!
With our greatest power: the metamorphose energy of our guardian planets!
Sailor Mercury:
Do you plan to throw out your pen...?
Sailor Venus:
Throwing out this pen is
the same as throwing away our lives.
But I'm ready for it.

p. 160

Sailor Venus:
Holy sword that protects the princess!
Holy sword of the Mythical Silver Crystal!
Shine brightly once again!
Pierce through the darkness!
Venus Power!
Sailor Jupiter:
Jupiter Power!

p. 161

Sailor Mars:
Mars Power!!
Make it to the princess.
Sailor Mercury:
Mercury Power!
We offer all of our life power.
Sailor Venus:
Princess!! Sailor Moon!!
You just can't be dead!!
Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars, & Jupiter:
Sailor Venus:
Wake up!! Princess!

p. 162

Queen Metallia:
How foolish...

p. 163

Sailor Venus:
There you are, Princess!
Are you going to see the prince again?
Getting near him just for your amusement is... dangerous!
Princess Serenity:
It's not just for amusement!
...You've never
even seriously liked anyone, Venus!
You have no idea how I feel!
Sailor Venus:

p. 164

Sailor Venus:
Geez! I've also...
Princess! You're here again!? Come on, we're going home.
It must be awful having such an inquisitive princess.
Prince Endymion:
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Venus:
...It worries me.
We watch over Earth
and protect the Mythical Silver Crystal.
Yet as the one that will eventually become queen,
I think she may get hurt from being in love...
Prince Endymion:
When I'm here watching the wind blowing the ocean like this,
I feel relieved.
...What does this planet look like if you look at it from the Moon?
Princess Serenity:
It looks like a blue
crystal ball.

p. 165

Princess Serenity:
...You're so warm.
When I'm with you,
my heart suddenly turns transparent.
Power is gushing out.
...I wanna be together like this forever...

p. 166

Princess Serenity:
Over there...
What is that black cloud?
Prince Endymion:
I don't know.
At some point it got dark there,
and a cluster of giant monoliths appeared.
And it's gradually spreading throughout the planet.
Prince Endymion:
Stop it!
We don't need all this fighting
and hatred.
Princess Serenity:

p. 167

Queen Serenity:
I felt as though things would end with a sad love.
A love that shouldn't be, linking Earth and the Moon, two different worlds...
I will seal away
that devil.
And the Moon, too.
I'll seal everything away.
I leave the future to all of you.

p. 168

Princess Serenity:
Next time,
we'll be reborn on the same planet, and we'll be happy.
The Mythical Silver Crystal was left to me, and I wish for us to search for it together.
I'll gently hold it to my chest,
and we'll protect it together. Next time, we'll
be happy...

p. 169

Sailor Moon:
...Where am I?
It's dim and cold.
So dark.
...Am I alive?
Am I dreaming?
...The Mythical Silver Crystal...

p. 170

Sailor Moon:
Where's the wound from being stabbed in the chest...?
pocket watch is in pieces...
since I had it on my chest...
It took the sword for me!?
...This is no dream. Am I the only one
...that was revived?
This means...
(Kill them all!)
Sailor Moon:
Something's flooding in. It's...
hatred and animosity.
Queen Metallia:
Such beautiful dark hearts. Destroy each other. Make this into a planet of death.

p. 171

Queen Metallia:
The Mythical Silver Crystal is in my hands.
Everything is at my whim.
Hehe hahaha
Sailor Moon:
Queen Metallia!?
Are we in Queen Metallia!?
Are we part of her!?
Queen Metallia:
You're awake!? Descendant of the lunar kingdom!!
What a life force you have! How annoying!!
Hehe. But now you're in my hands.
I will crush you!!
Sailor Moon:
We have to get outta here!!
Queen Metallia:
It's getting hot inside of me!! What are you doing!?

p. 172

Sailor Moon:
Mythical Silver Crystal! Lend me your power!
We're out!?
Is the Mythical Silver Crystal covering us!?

p. 173

Sailor Moon:
Your hand...
Your hand's
getting warmer!?
Tuxedo Mask:
...Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon:
...It's a miracle...

p. 174

Tuxedo Mask:
I can't see anything...
Sailor Moon:
Mamo-chan!? No way...
Your eyes!?
Queen Metallia!?

p. 175

Queen Metallia:
What strong power!! It's a power much, much greater than the clump I took in!!
Give me the Mythical Silver Crystal!! Give me that power!!
Sailor Moon:
She keeps getting larger. Why!?
I can seal her away with the Mythical Silver Crystal, right!?
Do I still not have enough power!?
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon! Get a hold of yourself.

p. 176

Sailor Moon:
Luna! Where is everyone!?
My friends were always by my side cheering me on, and now they're gone!
We fought together, and now where are they!?
Where could they be!?
Could she have...!?
Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon!?
Sailor Moon:
I can't go on.
I can't seal her away.
I'm not good enough!
Tuxedo Mask:
I feel it.

p. 177

Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon, I can feel your pain
as though it's in my hands.
The stones that I kept at my chest... are in pieces...
The four stones...
Our master.
At last, we can meet.

p. 178

Tuxedo Mask:
It's you?
Queen Metallia is a dark emperor with the power to turn those who get in her way to stone.
She is a devil that absorbs all
energy to enlarge her dark mass.
Look at that
mark on her forehead.
That is Queen Metallia's
heart region.
If you concentrate your power and deliver your attack there,
Tuxedo Mask:

p. 179

Master, I'm glad we could meet.
This time, the two of you can live in peace...
Tuxedo Mask:
Kunzite... Jadeite...
Nephrite, Zoisite...
Did you stop the blade for me?
Did you revive me?
Sailor Moon!
Metallia is vulnerable in her forehead!
Be your usual cheerful self. Don't cry!!
Have confidence. I'm sure your friends are thinking the same thing!

p. 180

Tuxedo Mask:
It's okay. I'm sure your friends are somewhere watching you.
Put all your power into it.
If you don't have enough power, I'll fill you with more.
I'll help you in your friends' stead.
I'll always be by your side,
Sailor Moon:

p. 181

Sailor Moon:
always gives me power.
The Mythical Silver Crystal and I
are overflowing with unbelievable
courage and power.
I keep
getting stronger.

p. 182

Queen Metallia:
Ohhh! So you can control the Mythical Silver Crystal's power freely!
Just one little girl using the Mythical Silver Crystal's power!
I won't let you seal me away! I'll smash you to pieces!
I'll crush you up!!
Sailor Moon:
No, Queen Metallia!!
You're the one that'll turn into specks of darkness!!

p. 183

Tuxedo Mask:
I can see. The Moon
is glowing white!
Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity,
will seal you away

p. 184

Sailor Moon:
with the power of the Moon!

p. 185

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