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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Act 32:
無限9 「無限迷宮」2
Infinite 9: Labyrinth Mugen 2

p. 149

Mistress 9:
Power is surging from the depths of my body!

p. 150

Mistress 9:
As soon as I swallowed it, it flooded through me.
This is the power of the Mythical Silver Crystal!!
Master Pharaoh 90:
I can feel its power! The light of life that nears the Taioron Crystal!
Mistress 9! Did you release this!?
Is this the power of the Mythical Silver Crystal!?
Mistress 9:
Master Pharaoh 90!
I got this power for you!
I'll be right there!

p. 151

Master Pharaoh 90:
What radiance!
It has life energy thousands of times greater than human Hosties!
Even the Taioron Crystal is no match for this power.

p. 152

Master Pharaoh 90:
This is truly infinite power that will never wear out!
It's time for me to be full of strength again!
The time for my Vesselization is now, so we can
make this planet our second home world!
Mistress 9:
Master Pharaoh 90:
Hehehe. Mythical Silver Crystal! Give me more!
Give me more power!

p. 153

Chibi Usa!?
What's this light!? What happened!?
Master Pharaoh 90:
More power!
Mistress 9:
Master Pharaoh 90:
Release more power!
Chibi Usa!?

p. 154

I have to suppress it.
I can't let you keep increasing this power!
I won't let you release this power!
Did you think I'd
just let you use the Mythical Silver Crystal's power!?

p. 155

Mistress 9:
My head.
My head is splitting open!
Like it's on fire! Ohhh...!
Someone's controlling my body from within! They're trying to push me down!
I just have to bear it a little longer. As soon as
Master Pharaoh 90's Vesselization is complete, I won't need this inconvenient Vessel any longer!
We'll tear this body apart
and take over the world!
I won't let that happen!!

p. 156

Chibi Usa:
Where am I?
It's dark and creepy.
What am I doing here?
Something's been chasing me! I'm scared! Someone help me!
Chibi Usa-chan!
Chibi Usa:

p. 157

Chibi Usa:
My Mythical Silver Crystal!
I'm so lost without it.
One day it just got to the point that I can't stand not having it.
It's part of my body now.
Yes. You're one with it. It's like your heart.
You can't be apart from it anymore.
And you have to be careful about showing it to people, too.
Keep it gently locked away and protect it.

p. 158

Chibi Usa:
Nope. Mama's arms feel different.
This is cool, big, and wide.
It's very relaxing...
It's okay.
I'll protect you.
I won't let anyone mess with your beautiful, pure soul, or the Mythical Silver Crystal.
I know I'll save you.
Mistress 9:
The Mythical Silver Crystal is getting weaker...!?

p. 159

Chibi Usa!?
The spasms stopped!?
Her hand is
Is someone
defending Chibi Usa's soul!?

p. 160

Sailor Venus:
No one's here!
Sailor Jupiter:
Same over here!
Where the hell are they!?
Sailor Mercury:
It's a good thing there are no students here.
Sailor Venus:
But not a soul here?
We can't still be in the labyrinth...
Super Sailor Moon:
There's a great view of the delta and Tokyo Bay from here.
The buildings under construction are so...
They almost look like ruins where a black monster lurks...
That image of ruins...
I don't want to believe it's a vision of the future!

p. 161

Super Sailor Moon:
I want to beat this hidden enemy. The Death Busters.
I don't want to feel insecure anymore. I want to make things peaceful again!
To do that, I have to hurry to save
Hotaru-chan, Chibi Usa's soul, and the Mythical Silver Crystal.
When Sailor Saturn awakens,
it'll be the end of the world.
I wonder if we can bring back those peaceful times...
Chibi Usa...! Hotaru-chan...

p. 162

Sailor Mercury:
It's no use.
I can't figure out the structure or the coordinates in here.
I'm not picking up any life signs, either...
Sailor Mars:
A lot of incredible powers are coming together here in the Mugen Sandbank.
They have a strong effect on each other. This land is in a state of chaos right now.
Sailor Neptune:
Let's go to the basement.
The laboratories are centered down there.
We might encounter Daimones.
Sailor Venus:
Let's split up into two groups.
26-30 / 57-60
22-25 / 56 Headmaster's Room
18-21 / 48-55
14-17 / 44-47
10-13 / 40-43
6-9 / 36
Sailor Venus:
We'll start from here and go down, checking each floor!
Sailor Moon, you take the elevator to the basement with Uranus's group!
Super Sailor Moon:
Two groups...
Sailor Venus:
Be careful.
Super Sailor Moon:

p. 163

Super Sailor Moon:
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus...
Sailor Uranus:
Let's head down
to the basement!
Professor Tomoe:
It seems those adorable holders of Stellar Protection
light have taken the elevator to the gallows.

p. 164

Professor Tomoe:
It's time! Time for the culmination of my dreams to make its debut, after all these years!
My life's work:
Super Organisms!
A species with strength and intelligence hundreds of times better than a human's, and a life-span thousands of times longer!
Just a bit of genetic modification and medication,
along with cyborg conversion, made it all possible.
They should regret banishing a genius like me.
Picking this Omega Area
for my research,

p. 165

Professor Tomoe:
and the accident,
were all heaven sent opportunities.
After the accident
I made major modifications to Hotaru's body.
And I was in the middle of my greatest experiment, to give birth to the
culmination of my dreams, Super Organisms.
Professor! Lightning!!
Professor Tomoe:

p. 166

Professor Tomoe:
They descended from above
bearing eggs from another world.
The gods had chosen me.
Hotaru's modifications were full of errors. But
in return,
I gained this chance to Vesselize the eggs.
I was also able to produce beautiful, perfect beings.

p. 167

Professor Tomoe:
And my beloved Daimones!
Even if you're shoddy failures to us Death Busters,
Professor Tomoe:
you're vital to my experiments.
I am the inventor of Super Organisms:
human and another organism combined as a brand new lifeform!
Now I'm the god!
Hahaha haha

p. 168

Super Sailor Moon:
...I-I think I'm gonna puke.
Sailor Pluto:
Are you okay, Sailor Moon?
Sailor Uranus:
Looks like not even Super Sailor Moon can defy gravity on an elevator.
Super Sailor Moon:
...It keeps getting faster.
It's like

p. 169

Super Sailor Moon:
we're going
down to a bottomless hell...
It's creepy...
...I wonder if Venus and
the others are okay.
Sailor Neptune:
You wish you went with them?
They'll be fine. (giggle)
Super Sailor Moon:
you scared?
I'm terrible. (Haha)
I think
I'm getting cold feet.
This empty, haunted building
and being trapped on an endless elevator are having a big effect on me.

p. 170

Super Sailor Moon:
Soon we'll fight a major enemy.
Just by thinking about it
I start to feel like I'm all alone. I'm scared.
I'm getting trampled by bad premonitions...
Sailor Uranus:
Don't call this solitude.
Solitude is
more vast and infinite.
Like our areas were.
Super Sailor Moon:
Tell me.
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
What was it like where you were?
Sailor Uranus:
It was a lonely place.

p. 171

Sailor Uranus:
There was no one there.
We were all alone.
No one would come to help us.
It was an isolated location...
we could always

p. 172

Sailor Uranus:
think of the beautiful, far away
Silver Millennium,
and its beautiful queen and princess.
For us, it was a
single light.
Sailor Neptune:
When that light would shine on us, we'd grow stronger.
There was nothing we couldn't do.
Sailor Pluto:
That light always
told us, "It's okay; don't give up."
It guides us.

p. 173

Sailor Uranus:
Sure taking a long time.
Sailor Neptune:
Too long, I'd say.
Sailor Pluto:
...I'm worried about the others...

p. 174

Super Sailor Moon:
Sailor Pluto:
Sailor Moon!
Super Sailor Moon:
Uranus! Neptune!

p. 175

Super Sailor Moon:
Nothing but...

p. 176-177

Super Sailor Moon:
I'm scared...!
Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!
I've lost my voice!
Where is everyone!?
Venus! Jupiter! Mercury! Mars!
I wish we hadn't split up
back there so I wouldn't feel so insecure.
Mamo-chan, Chibi Usa!
I can never do anything when everyone's gone.
What do I do!?
I'm all alone here in this darkness.
What can I do!?

p. 178

Super Sailor Moon:
It was a single light.
When that light would shine on us, we'd grow stronger. There was nothing we couldn't do.
That light always
told us, "It's okay; don't give up."
It guides us.

p. 179

Super Sailor Moon:
...always lights the way for me.
Whenever I feel overwhelmed,
I always remember.
...I have a light in my chest, too.
It's the heart uniting everyone.
I just have to believe. That light will shine for a minute!

p. 180

Super Sailor Moon:
Super Sailor Moon. The soldier who shines brightly with the power everyone granted me!
I'll be the light in the dark!
I won't give in to any darkness or illusions!!
Rainbow Moon Heartache!!

p. 181

Professor Tomoe:
Welcome to my lab.
I was getting impatient. Hehe
Professor Tomoe:
My poor Daimones are starving.

p. 182

Sailor Pluto:
Chronos Typhoon!
Sailor Neptune:
Submarine Reflection!
Professor Tomoe:
Hehehe! It's not over yet!
I can produce all the Daimones I need!
Professor Tomoe:
Super Sailor Moon:
Stop it!!

p. 183

Super Sailor Moon:
I have no intention of fighting you here!
Where's Hotaru-chan!?
Professor Tomoe:
If you mean my former daughter,
she's in the holy temple right now, offering Master Pharaoh 90 the light that nears
the Taioron Crystal:
the Mythical Silver Crystal's power!
Super Sailor Moon:
Master Pharaoh 90!?
Professor Tomoe:
Master is finally starting to stir!
Sailor Neptune:
It's underground!!
Professor Tomoe:
Sorry, but this will be your grave!

p. 184

You'll be my first meal.
As Germatoid!
Super Sailor Moon:
A Daimon!!
I'm no Daimon!
I'm a Super Organism! The fusion of human with another organism!

p. 185

Super Sailor Moon:
I'm pretty sure this was Hotaru-chan's father just seconds ago!
Sailor Uranus:
He's not human anymore! He's a Daimon! An enemy!
Space Sword Bluster!!

p. 186

Super Sailor Moon:
Rainbow Moon Heartache!!

p. 187

The kind Papa after Mama died.
The Papa who saved me.
I guess by then he wasn't himself anymore.
Goodbye, Papa...
Super Sailor Moon:
Who's there!?
It seemed like someone was
just there...?

p. 188

Sailor Pluto:
Something's coming!
Garnet Ball!!

p. 189

Super Sailor Moon:
Something's busting through the ceiling!?
They're up there!!
Mercury! Mars! Jupiter! Venus!?

p. 190

Sailor Venus:
Something's coming from below!?

p. 191

Sailor Neptune:
Sailor Moon!?
Sailor Moon:
The Super Sailor Moon
power up broke!
Was the link between our hearts severed!?
Did something happen to them!?

p. 192

Sailor Moon:
Mars! Mercury! Jupiter!! Venus!!
The sky is...!?
Something's inside the building!

p. 193

Sailor Moon:
Mistress 9:
Sailor Moon:

p. 194

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