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Our kingdom,
the Silver Millennium.
Our past lives.
the Mythical Silver Crystal.
To know all
the secrets.
To the Moon.

p. 143

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 10:
Moon - The Moon

p. 144

To the Moon!!
Well, if we're set on it, let's get ready!
We should
do it on the next full moon.
Crown Game Center

p. 145

"The Moon."
"Its mass is 1/80 Earth's. Its surface gravity is 1/6 Earth's. Its diameter is 1/4 Earth's."
"It is Earth's satellite, taking about 28 days to make one revolution around Earth."
Luna said "We'll go to the Moon" like it's so easy, but I wonder how exactly she plans to go?
Escape Velocity: Earth - 11.2 km/s-1, Moon - 2.4 km/s-1.
Usagi! Come here! (Hurry up!)
I'm so glad Usagi-chan is feeling better.
She can't feel down.
Not when we're going to the Moon!

p. 146

The Moon keeps getting bigger.
My feelings keep getting bigger and more anxious along with it.
I wanna hurry and go to the Moon to know about my past life.
All of it.
I wanna hurry and save him...
Usagi, dinner!
Look, I made this thing you gave me into a pendant.

p. 147

You treat it with so much care.
Did you get it from a guy you like or something?
(No way.)
Something like that.
(sigh) My eyes get tired after staring at monitors so much.
I'm definitely getting a good, long rest tonight.
Usagi-chan's mama's lap is so warm and fluffy.
...You know, Mama.
What is it, Papa?

p. 148

Sometimes Usagi looks like a different person.
It's like she became an adult when we weren't looking, and soon she'll be gone.
It's nothing like that...
Usagi is always... our little baby girl.
Mako-chan, I'll have oolong tea.
I'll have plum juice.

(Today, Rei and Mina are staying at Mako-chan's house.)

Moon Age 13.7.
So one more day until the full moon.

p. 149

Crown Game Center

Has everyone physically prepared for this?
Then let's head to the park.
The park?
...This is where...
Where Mamo-chan and I promised to trade the watch.
Every time I bumped into him in town,

p. 150

we'd be stubborn, we'd start arguing, and we hardly talked. But
really, my heart was
pounding a lot, and I was very happy.
...I guess
we were attracted to each other when we'd meet.
I wanna see him in school uniforms again.
We'll talk a bunch next time. About me. About him.
We made a promise. I'm sure I'll give this back...
I'll definitely save you. What're you doing now...? ...Mamo-chan...!

p. 151

Moon Age 15.
It's right above this park. Not a single cloud in the sky. It's the best time to go to the Moon.
The waning moon is best suited for arts related to hatred and discord, and the new moon for death and destruction.
When you're looking for visions of the future, the full moon is best.
That white light is brimming with power.
Let's transform. We can transfer with that power.
☿ ♀ ♃ ♂ ⚷ ♅ ♆ ♇ ⚳ ♄ ⚴ ⚵
Okay, get into that circle and transform.
Once you transform, everyone hold hands.
We'll create a shield.

p. 152

Moon Prism Power!
Mercury Power!
Mars Power!
Jupiter Power!
Venus Power!

p. 153

Sailor Jupiter:
...Amazing... It's Earth...
Sailor Venus:
...Mako-chan, look.

p. 154

Sailor Venus:
You can see lightning flashes.
Sailor Jupiter:
It so unreal. That's the planet we were on just a minute ago...?
Sailor Mercury:
The Moon... It really is covered in craters.
...It looks like Mercury.
Where are we landing, Luna?
At "Mare Serenitatis,"
the "sea of serenity."

p. 155

Sailor Moon:
This is the Moon...!
Sailor Venus:
...It's pitch black.
...No sound at all... It feels weird.
Sailor Jupiter:
Hey, Usagi.
Now you're a real
rabbit on the Moon.[note]

p. 156

Sailor Moon:
The darkness is like velvet.
...So quiet.
And pale, crumbled ruins.
...This is the Moon...

p. 157

Sailor Moon:
The Silver Millennium.
Our kingdom was here...
Sailor Mercury:
Lots of pillar wreckage...
Was there a palace around here?
The Moon Castle.
And here
are the ruins of the Prayer Room, which only the queen could enter.
And the center of the Moon Castle.
The Crystal Tower.

p. 158

Sailor Moon:
What's that...?
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Pull this out.
Sailor Jupiter:
A stone sword!? It's impossible while it's petrified!
Sailor Venus:
Put some strength into it! I know you can do it!

p. 159

Sailor Venus:
It came out!?
Queen Serenity:
That is the legendary holy sword that protects the princess.
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Yours.
Luna. It is good that you brought everyone here.
I am a personification of the one called
Selene, the moon goddess, on Earth.
The Silver Millennium's previous queen, Queen Serenity.

p. 160

Sailor Moon:
Queen Serenity...!?
...My mother in my
past life...?
Queen Serenity:
My dear Serenity.
It's you, isn't it?
I can see you in that form.
Sailor Mercury:
Interactive speech!?
Queen Serenity:
This image comes from the computer and recordings from the past.
Through the Moon Castle's Eternity Main System,
even if my physical body was destroyed, I was able to leave my will, as you can see.
I put Luna and Artemis into a cold sleep,
then woke them, and I have been waiting for this moment, watching over you.

p. 161

Queen Serenity:
It is all in ruins now, but
do you remember?
When the Moon Castle was beautiful.
It was inside of a dome, but there were plants, and the wind would blow.
But you, Serenity, wanted more.
You longed for real plants and wind.
So you often went down to Earth.
And you found love.
Sailor Jupiter:
Sailor Venus:
You secretly went to Earth again, didn't you!?
Sailor Mercury:
As the successor to the Silver Millennium, there are piles of things you must study!

p. 162

Sailor Moon:
Yeah, I wanted to see him.
So I went to Earth a lot behind everyone's backs.
Queen Serenity:
We are lifeforms with long life-spans that are born on the Moon.
We protect the sacred stone passed down on the Moon, the Mythical Silver Crystal.
We remove negative factors from Earth.
We observe and help Earth evolve in a more positive direction. That is our mission.
Even now, it burns so vividly in my memories.
That year, our patriarch, the Sun, plunged into a period of abnormal activity.
The Sun had a bizarre glow
that I'd never seen before.

p. 163

Queen Serenity:
That abnormal Sun
brought disaster.
The grotesque one invaded Earth and tried to make the beautiful blue planet her own.
That creature is certainly the enemy of the people... no, the enemy of all things. She is evil itself.
it wasn't just that beautiful jewel, Earth.
She even schemed to rule the Mythical Silver Crystal, the Moon's sacred stone which hides infinite, mystical power.
She used the darkness at the depths of their hearts to manipulate people
into attacking the Moon.
Only Endymion, the young, strong prince,
was not misled. He protected people and fought his best... But

p. 164

Queen Serenity:
it was too late.
He protected you.
And fell.
You were so sad that you also took your own life...
Do you remember that...?
I just barely managed to seal it away, but
the Moon Castle and everything else turned to stone and fell apart.
And the Earth Nation was also destroyed. Once again, Earth had to go down the path of evolution from the beginning.
...That's the story of the ancient times...
...But that demon has revived again.

p. 165

Queen Serenity:
Where that being is hiding, I don't know.
But she's deep in the Earth squirming around.
Under the shock of losing you,
I was sad
and I lost myself.
I used the Mythical Silver Crystal's power with a weak heart.
Because of that, I couldn't release all of the Mythical Silver Crystal's power,
and the seal for that being was imperfect.
This time
we have to completely wipe it out.
Use the true power of the Mythical Silver Crystal.
Princess! You are the only one that can eliminate it!

p. 166

Sailor Moon:
The Mythical Silver Crystal's true power?
Sailor Venus:
Queen! The Mythical Silver Crystal is acting strange!
The insides were absorbed by Prince Endymion's body,
and now it has lost its shine!
Queen Serenity:
The insides were absorbed!? That means...!
will may have acted to save him,
Princess Serenity, and then it ended up like that.
...You look like you've been feeling worried and uncertain about him, Serenity.
It's okay.
I'm sure he is alive. Don't worry.

p. 167

Sailor Moon:
He's definitely
Queen Serenity:
Princess Serenity, remember this.
The Mythical Silver Crystal depends entirely on your heart.
You need strong conviction, an unyielding will, and deep affection.
Without all of those things, you cannot eliminate that demon.
You're the princess and the soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Please have pride and confidence in that.

p. 168

Queen Serenity:
And don't forget that you are also a girl...
That is the real reason you were reborn...
Sailor Moon:
Queen Serenity:
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter,
and Venus. Please combine your strength and protect the princess.
And the kingdom.
This Moon Castle will once again...
There's no more power... I can only
speak a bit longer...
Please... be... happy...
Sailor Moon:

p. 169

Sailor Moon:
Wait! If you need power, I'll use this...
...When we really need it...
the Mythical Silver Crystal is useless...
The Mythical Silver Crystal's power...
depends entirely on my heart...?
It's almost morning on Earth... We should head back.
like a glass ball on a Christmas tree...

p. 170

Sailor Moon:
...Unlike the Moon, there's sound everywhere.
The shining sea.
Wind that smells like plants.
...It's not that we were observing Earth.
We dreamed of and wished for a planet like this, and we kept
watching over it.

p. 171

...Damn it all.
I can't believe this is how
he'll wake up and meet you...! Jadeite. Nephrite.
Just when we've finally found him.
Our master.

p. 172

Queen Beryl!?
Queen Beryl:
(strange language)
This deep underground...? What is that door...!?
...What the hell!? There's a very strong, bizarre, and foul odor...! I can't breathe.

p. 173

...That's our Great Ruler!?
She's so substantial already!?
She has a black mark on her forehead...
Queen Beryl:
Queen Metallia.
I can only believe that the Mythical Silver Crystal
Tuxedo Mask absorbed has faded away.
There is no reaction.

p. 174

Queen Metallia:
Then make him a corpse.
The Mythical Silver Crystal is with the princess!
Queen Beryl:
We did get Tuxedo Mask's body, and it is still useful.
After all, Kunzite doesn't have long.
Allow me to handle things, if you please.
Queen Metallia:
Beryl. I still need energy.
If we're going to take this world
now that the princess has awakened completely, we don't have a moment to spare.
Hurry and get rid of those nuisances!
And steal the Mythical Silver Crystal!

p. 175

Queen Beryl.
Didn't you say
that if we get the Mythical Silver Crystal, the Four Great Kings could all be revived?
Queen Beryl:
They were destroyed and had no bodies, so there is no way around it.
Princess Serenity:
Aaaaaaah! Endymion!!
Does this mean it's too late, even if I regret having chosen
to live under the influence of evil?
What are you planning to do with Prince Endymion's body...!?

p. 176

Queen Beryl:
Don't forget that you've sworn loyalty to our Great Ruler.
And that you surrendered your body to me.
No matter how many times you're reborn, the Four Great Kings serve me.
Go, Kunzite!
I will not allow failure this time!
Attack humans and take their energy.
The princess will definitely show herself.
Take the Mythical Silver Crystal.

p. 177

What's with the ocean!? Is this a tsunami!?
People are frozen solid!!
Emergency alert! Emergency alert!
Hehehe. All of Tokyo will be an icy wasteland!
I'm sure our Great Ruler will also be pleased with this energy-filled icy wasteland.
Now show yourselves, princess and her fools!!

p. 178

Crown Game Center

The Earth has had an increase in tectonic activity lately.
It's faint, but there are also abnormal thermal reactions near the Arctic Circle.
Plus, it's deep underground.
For months, the readings have been jumping in an odd way!
It could be related to the Dark Kingdom somehow...
Luna! Everyone! It's the enemy!! Look!
The town is frozen!
Everyone, move out!!
Hurry! Transform!

p. 179

Moon Prism Power
You're late, Sailor Moon!
No! Princess!
Sailor Moon:
It's him...!!
Are you trying to turn Tokyo into the North Pole or something!?
Indeed! It will do nicely when our Great Ruler is eventually revived.
Sailor Moon:
I can't let you do that!
Moon Healing!

p. 180

Sailor Moon:
So that's where the Mythical Silver Crystal is!!

p. 181

Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!!
Sailor Moon:
If I keep going up...!
Where did you take Tuxedo Mask!?
Give him back!! You haven't injured him any further, right!?
If you hand over the Mythical Silver Crystal nicely, I'd be happy to give him back.

p. 182

As a corpse. (Hehe)
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!!
Hehe. I wonder if your attacks are worth anything in empty space.
I'll wipe out the princess right before your eyes!
Sailor Venus:
Unfortunately for you, this is our second time in space!
Everyone! Combine your powers! Venus Power!
Sailor Mercury:
Mercury Power!
Sailor Mars:
Mars Power!
Sailor Jupiter:
Jupiter Power!

p. 183

Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon! Make a barrier with the stick!!
Sailor Moon:
I still don't know about Tuxedo Mask!
Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars, & Jupiter:
Sailor Planet Attack!
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!
Are you okay!?

p. 184

Sailor Moon:
...Tuxedo Mask...
I couldn't get any information...!
Where are you? Are you safe?

p. 185

Queen Beryl:
Kunzite. What a pitiful state.
Now my dear Four Great Kings have all lost their bodies and ended up as stones...
Our Great Ruler. Queen Metallia.
Grant us your power.
Grant it to me.
Awakening power!

p. 186

Queen Beryl:
Prince Endymion.
You are now my puppet.
Go to the surface.

p. 187

Queen Beryl:
Obliterate the princess of the lunar kingdom, the Silver Millennium,
and steal the Mythical Silver Crystal.
Crown Game Center


p. 188

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