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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 21:
Complication - Nemesis

p. 192-193

Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon!?

p. 194

Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon!!

p. 195

Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Venus:
It can't be...!!
Sailor Moon!

p. 196

Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon!!
Chibi Usa:
Sailor Moon!!

p. 197

Where am I?

p. 198

Chibi Usa?
Where are you going? Don't leave me behind.

p. 199

...My head hurts.
...What... happened to me?
Where did these clothes come from...!?
My brooch!!
What is this place...?

p. 200

Is that...
Neo Queen Serenity...?
Prince Demand:
I wondered if you'd like that hologram.
Sailor Moon, welcome to the Black Moon castle on Nemesis.
The future Neo Queen Serenity.
That seems fitting. You look so much like her.

p. 201

Prince Demand:
I'm Prince Demand
of the Black Moon.
Sit down and we'll have a nice, long talk.
My body moved on its own...!
Prince Demand:
You were directly showered in the Evil Black Crystal's power by my Evil Eye attack, yet
you woke up very quickly. Only a body ruled by the Mythical Silver Crystal could do that.
But this planet must be rough on that body.
...Could this be... Nemesis?
I guess you were the one that attacked Crystal Tokyo,
Prince Demand:

p. 202

Prince Demand:
To show you that the Mythical Silver Crystal isn't the only thing with invincible power.
Prince Demand:
Our planet, Earth, was infected with illusions of "long life" and "infinite power" and became slothful.
We didn't like it.
Young rebels.
If you want power, go to Nemesis.
If you want to have everything, get the Evil Black Crystal.

p. 203

Prince Demand:
I didn't think launching the Evil Black Crystal just once would turn that planet into a dead world. Its power was greater than I expected.
But we have no use for that rotten 30th Century Earth ruled by the lunar kingdom anyway.
We're getting a new Earth.
In the past.
We'll send troops to the past Earth, before it was ruled by the lunar kingdom,
to destroy history. And we'll build a new Black Moon history.
That's our grand "Re-play" operation.
A rebirth of history.

p. 204

Rebirth of history...!?
Prince Demand:
Long life and peace and all that are just smoke and mirrors.
An unaging body modified by the Mythical Silver Crystal
is blasphemy against God.
A flesh body exists to die out.
And history is about repeated conflict. We'll revert to a proper history.
...You're insane.
Going back to the past to remake history!? That's ridiculous...

p. 205

Prince Demand:
As long as I have energy, time and space are at my whim.
Nemesis is an invincible Evil Black Crystal planet.
If I can control this planet of unknowns, and the Evil Black Crystal,
every planet and dimension can be mine.
The Mythical Silver Crystal will have no meaning before the Evil Black Crystal.
The one with greater power
gets that beautiful planet.

p. 206

Waaah waaah
Prince Demand:
Noisy brat.
That day.
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady!?
Prince Demand:
I never dreamed she'd make an appearance.
The almighty goddess in the invincible palace had never shown herself.
Neo Queen Serenity.
What a beautiful queen.

p. 207

Prince Demand:
she looked at me with coldness and contempt.
She didn't think of me as human.
They were eyes that would eliminate me.
It was the first time I'd seen such fierce power. The Mythical Silver Crystal's power.
Prince Demand:
And again the queen was swallowed up
by the invincible palace.
Since then,
I haven't forgotten those eyes.
I wanted to see her again and make her kneel before me.
I had to have her, by any means.

p. 208

Prince Demand:
In any form.
I finally have you.
Yes. Those eyes.
Beautiful ruler of the beautiful planet. Neo Queen Serenity.
Moon Crystal Power

p. 209

I can't transform!?
Prince Demand:
This planet is filled with the Evil Black Crystal's energy, so all power here is absorbed and nullified.
Even if it's the Mythical Silver Crystal's power.
Feel free to use this palace.
Since this will be your eternal resting place, Sailor Moon.

p. 210

They're insane...
They aren't human.
They're demons!
Neo Queen Serenity:
Who has disturbed my slumber?
Intense anger and hatred.
Terrifying ambitions.
My loved ones
have been put in danger...

p. 211

Sailor Venus:
King Endymion:
It's nothing.
Nemesis has disappeared from orbit again.
We just can't see it. But it's emitting strong negative energy, as usual.
Tuxedo Mask:
They can distort space with the Evil Black Crystal's power?
This X-ray radiation... Nemesis is sucking up the nearby gas and light.
Just like a black hole.
King Endymion:
A black hole, as in a star's final form?
Nemesis is an unstable planet in the process of growing.
Yet it certainly does grow by sucking up surrounding gas and light, just like a black hole.
Plus, ever since the Black Moon made the planet their own, the planet has gotten active.

p. 212

King Endymion:
It's dangerous.
Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are on that planet.
We have to save them as soon as possible.
King Endymion:
I know. Let's come up with some way to get near the planet.
The Evil Black Crystal is a terrifying stone that sucks in and distorts the energy around it...
It's like the antithesis of the Mythical Silver Crystal...
What a terrifying planet Nemesis is.
Sailor Venus:
The only thing that can rescue everyone from that planet is the Mythical Silver Crystal's power.
And yet...

p. 213

Sailor Venus:
Without Neo Queen Serenity, and now Sailor Moon too,
what can we do? They're the only ones that can use the Mythical Silver Crystal.
Chibi Usa...
As Neo Queen Serenity's daughter, Chibi Usa
should be able to use the Mythical Silver Crystal.
As someone of the Silver Millennium bloodline, I'm sure...
King Endymion:
...Small Lady has no
...How old do you think that girl is?
Despite how she looks, she's 900 years old.

p. 214

King Endymion:
After she reached that size, she suddenly stopped growing one day.
And she has no power, nor can she transform.
As a Silver Millennium descendant newly born as an Earthling, it's just something unknown to her.
Sailor Venus:
King, if Small Lady stays powerless
like this, how can she succeed the queen?
King Endymion:
No, her awakening will definitely come!
She has a mission to protect this planet, after all.
has the battle with the Black Moon been going on for long? When did they first appear?

p. 215

King Endymion:
There was one time, some centuries ago.
In Crystal Tokyo, the most beautiful, peaceful place on Earth,
people had almost forgotten about crime and massacre. But a leader
appeared and revived all that.
The insane ruler, Phantom.
Neo Queen Serenity had quietly watched over Crystal Tokyo until then,
and she took a stand just that one time.
He was captured and sent to Nemesis, and
afterward, that planet was blocked off.
Just when peace had finally returned and people had totally forgotten,
rebels going by the name of "Black Moon" appeared, with black crescent marks on their foreheads.
"Kill the lunar kingdom people," they said.

p. 216

The same ebony moon mark on their forehead that the ruler Phantom had.
The Black Moon are descendants of Phantom!?
King Endymion:
They didn't receive the long life system. Phantom
is now centuries old buried past. I wonder whether or not they themselves know they're Phantom's descendants...
By going to that planet,
it's like they're drawn to each other.
...Cracks in the rod.
The Moon Rod, a symbol of the queen born from our power...!
Even though I swore to protect her.

p. 217

I will definitely save you.
...I'm hearing things...
Mamo-chan... Venus...
You're so far away, and you can't hear me...
I'm scared...
I really am all alone, and I can't transform either.

p. 218

...Mamo-chan, I got kissed by another person.
...I said awful things and we were fighting...
...Now we might never see each other again.

p. 219

Even while battling, all I could think about was Chibi Usa and Mamo-chan... I was distracted.
Now I'm pretty much dead. Stupid Usagi. It's time to wake up.
But it's too late...
I can't transform or use my powers.
It's all over for me...
Won't someone tell me what to do?
I don't want to die here!
Queen Serenity:
Princess Serenity, remember this.
The Mythical Silver Crystal is entirely dependent on your heart.

p. 220

...Is it because there was doubt in my mind...?
...Whenever Mamo-chan was affectionate to Chibi Usa, I felt insecure.
I lost confidence.
...I forgot to believe in myself.
Is that why I couldn't use my powers?

p. 221

the next queen, Neo Queen Serenity.
I'll protect Earth and all
the people.
Chibi Usa:
Help Mama!

King Endymion:
I want you to help me.

p. 222

Sailor Moon!

I'm always thinking of you
I'm not alone.
I am not alone.
Usagi, believe in
your own power.
There are things I have to do. Such as

p. 223

finding Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter.
They should be here on Nemesis.
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter!

p. 224

...Sailor Moon...?
Ami, Rei, & Makoto:
Our transformations broke!?

p. 225

...Where are we?
He's dead... A corpse.
...He looks... like a monster...
...And like he could still move.

p. 226

...Is this... a cave?
How long... have we been here?
...Usagi's voice was
in my head.
I heard it too.
Is she nearby!?
Let's get outta here. Then we can talk.
Jupiter Star Power!

p. 227

Mercury Star Power!
Mars Star Power...
Ami, Rei, & Makoto:
We can't transform?
What the hell!?
There's a harsh force...! I'm losing power.
Sailor... Moon...

p. 228

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter!?
Hehehe. Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. You are no longer needed. May you dry up and rot in that prison cave, the Dark Room.

p. 229

Chibi Usa:
When I went from the 30th Century to the past,
this was where I first met Usagi and Mamo-chan...
Chibi Usa:
Hey, Luna P. Is that younger Mama? The invincible Sailor Moon?
She's unreliable and always gets yelled at by everyone.
Just like me.
Chibi Usa:
...It was fun.
...I can probably never go back.

p. 230

King Endymion:
Sailor Moon has never lost to any foe.
Chibi Usa:
How come?
King Endymion:
Because she has
a strong heart,
wonderful friends, and unbeatable power.
Chibi Usa:
I have no power.
...Even though I'm her daughter...
She doesn't even have the mark of the Silver Millennium on her forehead.
No matter how much time passes, she's still a shrimp.
(giggle giggle)
She's nothing at all like the queen.
Hey! If you're frustrated, try using your power! Like the queen.
King Endymion:
Small Lady.
The queen used to be quite a crybaby, too.
Small Lady, that name
was given by the queen to you, her beloved daughter,
so that you would be a lovely lady one day.

p. 231

Chibi Usa:
But I don't look like Mama at all...
...No matter how much time passes, I can't be a lady.
Lovely Mama. I look up to her so much.
Dear, kind Papa.
Papa and Mama mean more to me than anything.
Did you know? Everyone's sayin' you're not the queen's real kid.
Fake princess!
Chibi Usa:
You're wrong!
They're my Papa and Mama!
But she's not affectionate to you at all, is she?
Chibi Usa:
...Mama's busy.
If you're the princess, you should be able to use the Mythical Silver Crystal.

p. 232

I bet you've never even seen the Mythical Silver Crystal.
If you can't show it to us, then you really are a fake kid!
Luna P:
(Pee pee pee)
Chibi Usa:
This is
the Mythical Silver Crystal.
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady?

p. 233

Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady!?
Chibi Usa:
What? What happened? Mama!? Where are you!?
Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady?
Chibi Usa:

p. 234

Chibi Usa:
It's all my fault.
If I hadn't taken the Mythical Silver Crystal, Mama would...
Luna P:
Abra Cadabra Poof
Abra Cadabra Poof
Sailor Pluto:
This is a spell for cheering up. Don't cry, Small Lady.
Chibi Usa:
...Let's go to Pluto.
My one and only friend.

p. 235

Chibi Usa:
When everyone made fun of me,
I went down a forbidden corridor in the very very back of the palace...
I found that door.
It opened right up when I touched it.
A really light door?
Sailor Pluto:
Pleased to meet you,
Small Lady.
Chibi Usa:
You know me?
Sailor Pluto:
The only ones that are able to come to this place
are members of the Silver Millennium family.

p. 236

Sailor Pluto:
My name is Sailor Pluto.
I am the guardian of this door.
You and the queen are two peas in a pod. I'm sure you'll be a beautiful lady.
Chibi Usa:
She was the first person to talk to me like that.
Sailor Pluto:
When you're feeling sad,
chant "Abra Cadabra." It is a spell that can make things more fun.
Chibi Usa:
Abra Cadabra?
Sailor Pluto:
Chibi Usa:
Pluto, what's that?
Sailor Pluto:
This is my Garnet Rod.

p. 237

Chibi Usa:
Mama has a
pretty rod, too.
Sailor Pluto:
With her Moon Rod, she controls the Mythical Silver Crystal
and creates miracles.
That will be your duty one day.
Since you are the queen's daughter.
Chibi Usa:
King Endymion:
Where did she go? I thought for sure she'd be here.
Sailor Pluto:
Small Lady is much sturdier than we realize. She's fine. She is the princess.
She also has Luna P.

p. 238

King Endymion:
I guess so.
Sailor Moon is at the enemy base, too. Things are really bad. Please,
lend your strength to Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Venus.
We're counting on you.
Sailor Pluto:
Yes, King.
Of course I will.
Chibi Usa:
I've never seen her look so happy before.
The Pluto I know always looks kinda sad.
Sailor Pluto:
You are the first to come see me so often.
Chibi Usa:
She only smiled for me...

p. 239

Chibi Usa:
There's nowhere for me to be now...
Sailor Pluto:
Small Lady?
This is...
the space-time key I lent to Small Lady!?
Oh no!! Small Lady has no key!!
Chibi Usa:
I've gone really far.
...I wonder where I am.
It's dark and cold.
...It's not like the space-time interval I usually go through...

p. 240

Luna P:
(Pee pee)
Chibi Usa:
...It's creepy... I gotta go back.
The key is... gone!?
Did I drop it somewhere!?
So you were able to make it all the way here.
Lost one with nowhere to go.
Chibi Usa:
...Who are you?
Your dark heart fades in and out of view.

p. 241

Unless you had a strong farewell with your previous world,
you could not have come to this far edge of the land.
Awaken, unknown one.
I'm what you've been seeking.
Someone that truly needs you.
You must
come with me.

p. 242

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