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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 26:
Rebirth - Never Ending

p. 191

p. 193

King Endymion:
has been destroyed!?
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon!?
Where's Sailor Moon!?
Where is she!?

p. 194-195

Sailor Moon!?
King Endymion:
...Oh no.
As we were being sucked into Nemesis...
was she destroyed with it?
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon!
Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon destroyed...
That's not possible!

p. 196

Tuxedo Mask:
It's warm!
This power is surging through me...
Tuxedo Mask!?
He's gone!?
Sailor Mercury:
The palace...

p. 197

p. 198

p. 199

Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Mars:
Someone's coming from the palace.

p. 200

Sailor Mars:
...Neo Queen Serenity...!
Sailor Chibi Moon:

p. 201

Sailor Chibi Moon:
You've got your real body back.

p. 202

Neo Queen Serenity:
Small Lady! You've woken up.
I guess your awakening revived me.
You can't be beaten by the Evil Black Crystal's power. You're the princess, with unknown hidden power!
So a new soldier is born.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
...Mama, I'm sorry.
...I caused all of this.
I wanted to be like you.
I wanted power.
So I took the Mythical Silver Crystal from your room...
I didn't think anything like this would happen.
It's all my fault.

p. 203

Sailor Chibi Moon:
I couldn't
you or this planet.
And I...
caused Pluto to die...
Neo Queen Serenity:
It is not your fault.
I understand.
Don't say anymore, Small Lady.
...I guess you've been through a lot.
And you've really grown up because of it.

p. 204

Neo Queen Serenity:
My body has healed. It's okay now.
I can help you.
We can work together to defend this planet, Small Lady.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
I always
thought you didn't need me.
Neo Queen Serenity:
You're my one and only daughter.
You've always been precious to me.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
...From now on, even if
it's not much, can I help you, Mama?
Neo Queen Serenity:
You're the princess. My one and only heir.

p. 205

Neo Queen Serenity:
Sailor Venus.
Mercury. Jupiter.
After I became Neo Queen Serenity,
I lost nearly all my power as a soldier.
I take responsibility.
I wasn't strong and brave, so I couldn't defeat that insane criminal, Death Phantom.
...I promise that Pluto will forever sleep peacefully
in the Crystal Palace.

p. 206

Neo Queen Serenity:
The Nemesis you fought
was an illusion created by the Evil Black Crystal, which can distort space.
King Endymion:
There's a strong possibility that Sailor Moon was pulled in
by that distorted power and blown toward the real planet.
Into space...?
Neo Queen Serenity:
Tuxedo Mask
was probably drawn there too, because of Sailor Moon.
Small Lady. Right now, you're the only one who can go on my behalf.
You are the only one who can go there and search for Sailor Moon.

p. 207

Neo Queen Serenity:
Rescue Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
Also, both Death Phantom's malice and the planet Nemesis are growing larger and becoming unstable.
Seal him away completely this time.
Using both the space-time key you got from Pluto and your own power,
can you cross space and go
to Sailor Moon?
And can you fight to help
Sailor Moon and seal away Nemesis?

p. 208

Neo Queen Serenity:
I'll grant you power.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Mama's rod...!
Pluto! Lend me power!
Take me to Sailor Moon!
Sailor Venus:
Queen! We should also...
Neo Queen Serenity:
Let us wait

p. 209

Neo Queen Serenity:
For the three of them.
Sailor Moon:
...It's very quiet.

p. 210

Sailor Moon:
...It seems so lonely.
What is this empty feeling...?
...Where am I...?
Tuxedo Mask:
Sailor Moon:
Where are we...!?
Tuxedo Mask:
It looks like we were blasted away.
Sailor Moon:
It can't be...

p. 211

Death Phantom:
Hehehe. My host body, the planet Nemesis, will be your grave.
The Evil Black Crystal's negative energy sucks in everything and destroys it.
And the Mythical Silver Crystal's infinite positive energy gives more power to everything.
With both of those, I will finally be complete.
I can rule the entire universe.
At this rate, the Mythical Silver Crystal,
Earth, and the whole Solar System will be enveloped. Hehehe

p. 212

Death Phantom:
No one can stop me! Hahahaha
Sailor Moon:
...Because the Mythical Silver Crystal exists,
evil minds are born, and wars are waged?
Without the Mythical Silver Crystal... history wouldn't be so crazy.
Should the Mythical Silver Crystal
and should I...
not exist?
Tuxedo Mask:
Many lives and souls have been saved by the Mythical Silver Crystal's power.
Don't lose sight. Believe in yourself and keep going.

p. 213

Tuxedo Mask:
When you're confused and uncertain,
I'll be there to help.
You summoned a powerless person like me all the way here.
As if you needed me.
I entrust you with all of my life power. It's yours.
If it will help you, you have my life, Usako.
So don't doubt yourself. Just fight.

p. 214

Sailor Moon:
...Did you know?
It was because of your power that I was able to bring out the Mythical Silver Crystal's power for the first time.
Because of you, I can
be "me" for the first time.
I can be one with you.
Power is gushing through me.

p. 215

Sailor Moon:
I can really feel it.
Our infinite power.

p. 216

Sailor Moon:
I feel a
warm light in my arms.
It's like a newborn light.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon.
Tuxedo Mask.

p. 217

Sailor Chibi Moon:
I came on behalf of Neo Queen Serenity.
Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa...!
Sailor Chibi Moon:
I'll fight with you!
Death Phantom:
Hehe hahahaha
Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa.
Believe in your own power!

p. 218

Sailor Moon:
Pray. Make it grow.
Hit the planet with all your power.
Send all of the Mythical Silver Crystal's power at Nemesis!
Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon:
Moon Princess

p. 219

p. 220

p. 221

Sailor Venus:
...Crystal Tokyo...

p. 222

Sailor Venus:
is restored...
...It's the queen's miracle.
Neo Queen Serenity:
Sailor Moon
borrowed Tuxedo Mask and Small Lady's power,
and they have struck down Nemesis.
...Sailor Moon...!

p. 223

Neo Queen Serenity:
I shall
grant you
new Planet Power.
Sailor Mars.
The battle soldier.
Sailor Mercury.
The knowledge soldier.
Sailor Jupiter.
The caretaker soldier.
Sailor Venus.
The love soldier.
So that you can keep fighting alongside Sailor Moon.

p. 224

Neo Queen Serenity:
Time will begin to flow normally soon.
If Sailor Moon and the others are safe,
they will probably go back to the Space-Time Door.
Go on.
Sailor Venus:
Neo Queen Serenity!
About Sailor Moon...
Neo Queen Serenity:
...I have to go back to
the Crystal Palace.
Sailor Jupiter:
Neo Queen Serenity:
...Meeting my past self
is not part of history.
Sailor Moon.
I shall grant you
new power from here.
Sailor Moon.
The mystical soldier.

p. 225

Neo Queen Serenity:
I grant you a new compact to protect
the Mythical Silver Crystal.
I grant Cosmic Power.
So that you can fight with a strong heart again...
Sailor Moon...
Sailor Moon:
There's a familiar voice in my ears...
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon:
...My brooch...
It's all new?
And Crystal Tokyo...

p. 226

Sailor Mercury:
Nemesis was destroyed.
Sailor Mars:
30th Century Earth is back to normal.
Sailor Moon:
...And the queen...?
Sailor Venus:
She's safe.
Everyone went back to the palace.
Time has started to flow normally. We have to go back now, too.
Sailor Chibi Moon:
Well, let's go.
I'll guide you to the past.
In Pluto's stead.
Sailor Moon:
That's right.
The exact same person cannot exist together in the same space-time.
I guess I can't meet the queen.

p. 227

Sailor Moon:
I wanted to see her, though.
...There's no way we could do that... I guess.
Meeting my future self and talking to her
would change history.
I wanna see her...
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon:
Even for just a little bit...
Even if

p. 228

Sailor Moon:
would be changed.

p. 229

Neo Queen Serenity:
...Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon:
Neo Queen Serenity...!

p. 230-231

Neo Queen Serenity:
...I just had to give my thanks.
...Thank you...
Sailor Moon:
I'm the one who should...

p. 232

Sailor Moon:
...Thank you.
Oh, there's so much I wanna talk about, but...
Someday I'll meet
this future.
Someday I can meet
the future me.

p. 233

Sailor Moon:

p. 234

Sailor Moon:
I went back?
Maybe... it was all a dream.
The 30th Century,
the queen,
...and Chibi Usa...

p. 235

Chibi Usa:
Hi, Usagi.
It's morning!
(Wait for me!)
Chibi Usa, what're you doing? That's a lot of stuff in your bag.
You can't bring that much stuff to school, can you?
Chibi Usa:
...I know I have to leave it behind, but
I only brought the things I just couldn't leave behind.

p. 236

Chibi Usa:
I gotta
go back to the 30th Century.
...Oh yeah.
...That's right.
It looks
like... I forgot something at home.
Sorry, Chibi Usa. You go on ahead.
Bye bye.
Chibi Usa:

Usagi's Room
Chibi Usa:

p. 237

Chibi Usa:
...I've been talking without thinking.
...I'm sorry, Usagi... Don't be mad.
...I really
want to stay here longer...
...But, Usagi,
having me here...
...annoyed you, didn't it?
Of course you don't annoy me!
It's true you always just act as you please,
and you never even consider how I'd...
Chibi Usa:
...Don't cry, Usagi.

p. 238

You're the one who's crying!
Chibi Usa:
...Chibi Usa.
When you're gone... it'll be so lonely.
...Don't go, Chibi Usa...

p. 239

Just when we started getting along so well...
...I'll miss you, Chibi Usa...

p. 240

...I can't be... crying.
I'll see you off, Chibi Usa.
Ichinohashi Park
When Mamo-chan and I
kissed here,
Chibi Usa fell from the sky...

p. 241

Chibi Usa, you're going back, right?
You forgot something.
...Don't cry.

p. 242

Chibi Usa:
you were my prince.
Luna P:
Chibi Usa:
...I gotta go now.
Papa and Mama are calling.
Here, Usagi.
It's from Mama.
Your new
Heart Moon Rod.

p. 243

Chibi Usa.
Chibi Usa:
...I really
liked it when you two would call me
Chibi Usa.
Living at the Tsukino house
and playing with everyone
was really, really fun.
I'm glad I could come here.
Chibi Usa!
Chibi Usa:
Bye bye, Mamo-chan! Usagi!

p. 244

Chibi Usa:
I loved
Usagi the absolute most of all.
Chibi Usa...!
Always dashing off right before
our eyes.
Chibi Usa.

p. 245

...We'll definitely see her again.
She's our daughter.
I'm sure we'll meet again one day.
I'm sure we'll see each other soon.
Chibi Usa.

p. 246

Azabu Juuban Shopping District
...It's like
...we had a very long dream.
A dream that felt like riding on a
roller coaster.
It was no dream.
It'll be here before you know it.
Those future stories, that is.
...I wonder if the time
to use this rod will come again soon.

p. 247

I guess there's no need to feel down.
Someday the future will come.
Until then,
I'm sure there are lots of things to do waiting for me.
But I know he'll
always be by my side.

p. 248

p. 249

Chibi Usa:
...I came back.
Take this!
It's a letter from Papa and Mama!
Just a quick note--
Today, I am very glad
to hear that you will
train Small Lady.
Take good care
of our daughter.
Sincerely yours--
from Serenity
Chibi Usa:
I am grateful to you again!
(That's a letter from future Usako alright.)
Chibi Usaaaa!

...To be continued!

p. 250

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