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Autumn Adventures

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Various computer problems have hindered some site things I had planned for the summer, and now summer is over for my hemisphere. So, things didn’t happen.

On another note, for a number of personal reasons, my site priorities will be shifting a bit in the near future. I’ll go into details in the next couple weeks, but in short, there will probably be a lot more progress on translation projects than writing projects. You can speculate if you want, but the majority of you will probably be disappointed, unless you’re a fan of racecar drivers, violinists, and cyborgs with multiple personality disorder. That’s not to say that any projects are canceled, by the way.

Also, I’ve been considering turning the main site news feed/journal into a combined news feed for all my projects, but I’m not sure how visitors would feel about that. Would it get redundant, with all the individual news sections and feeds? Would it clutter things too much, so important general site news is lost in the (theoretical) flood? Are people already happy with the site Twitter and main page to combine all the news as it is? Or would it be a welcome change? I would love some feedback, either on Twitter or LJ (the only options at the moment, until I set up a new site email).

The combined news on the main page is a pretty recent stealth addition. It currently requires a lot of manual tweaking to do what I want, but I might try to improve it in the near future. I also want to improve a lot of visual and technical things, but actual content is still the highest priority (believe it or not).

And one final note: Chris Jericho didn’t win last season, and Cell isn’t on the current season, so we don’t care about Dancing With The Stars anymore.

Act 21 Script

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

A new month, and Act 21 is ready. Very close to the end of the Black Moon arc now, with a certain character making her “debut.” It seems pretty obvious who she is in context, which is why I used the relevant color codes all throughout. But her name is treated like a big reveal, so I left her unnamed through the whole chapter. Do spoiler-phobes agree? Or does everyone already know the story well enough anyway? You can give your thoughts at the site Twitter or something. (Until I come up with a news comment-y system, anyway.)