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Act 23, 6-9 Revised

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

It’s only taken, what, four years? But the Black Moon arc is complete with this script for double length Act 23! At least I’m consistent now. And I’ve also revised Acts 6-9, with separate scripts for each version (and of course comparisons) and some much needed clean up work. One tankoubon a month is a lot slower than I expected for this sub-project, but I think it will speed up when I get to the stuff I did in 2011.

Speaking of the revisions, one thing I didn’t mention before is that things are more colorful now. If a character has colored manga art somewhere, their name is in color. But at the same time, attack names won’t be colored anymore, because I now think it’s a little obnoxious. And I’ve also been de-Wapanizing things a little further, like removing a lot of old quirks (“GC”) and reducing the amount of in-story translation notes. Names are now written in Western order (Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba, etc.), and certain honorifics (oniisan, senpai) are now translated. I remembered it’s a plot point that they don’t know Motoki’s name at first, so that’s something you definitely can’t omit or change to his name. You can find more details about this and other stuff on the notes page.

The next act is double length in both versions, so it would certainly be a fitting/annoying start for simultaneous double script releases.