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Totally Serious, Not a Joke

Friday, April 1st, 2011

2011 sure is flying by. So much to do, both on the website and in my personal life. I did find time for a few updates this week, but I was hoping it would be slightly less few than it actually is. I’ll list them all here.

-A new banner for 2011. It’s pretty much the same as last year’s, but it has a more recent picture of me (still grayscale, for stealthiness), and GoukaiRed instead of ShinkenRed. Sidenote: One of the people in the banner is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars, and doing a pretty good job, so you should vote for them. It’s not Cell, although now that Dragon Ball Kai is over, he’s free to compete next season.
-A Sailor Moon news feed, so now all the big sections have their own feeds, for people who don’t like all my stuff. I also reorganized that section quite a bit, so now it has much better navigation.
-I also added a script for Sailor Moon Act 17, which I think is the first new one in at least two years. Oops.
-And I added a Dragon Ball name/spelling preference list, which is probably more useful to me than it is to anyone else. But hey, it’s there.

All of this is completely real and not fake. No lies. Only truth. If I wanted to play a joke, wouldn’t I have pretended to do even more updates than this? And had this ready at midnight?

Act 17, Reorganization

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Finally making a news section for this project! I’ve rearranged the navigation a little, in preparation for further sections. Although I wouldn’t expect to see new sections anytime soon, since certain other projects are higher priority right now. More importantly, I’ve added something new: Act 17! It’s Calaveras time! I’m hoping to average one chapter a month for the rest of the year, while I prioritize other things. No guarantees, but think positive!

Starting with Act 17, I’m trying to be a bit less literal, just to the point that things sound less stiff, and more like natural English. Things should be just as accurate as they’ve always been, if not moreso (due to my very gradually increasing proficiency over the years). I fully intend to keep most honorific suffixes, but I’m trying to come up with alternatives to certain ones (namely “Motoki-oniisan” and “Makoto-senpai”). I don’t like to omit things, but I don’t want to be too Wapanese either. But everything that isn’t translated should be italicized now (though I haven’t gone through the older acts thoroughly yet). And on a similar note, I’ve changed around a few font styles (especially the “thinking” one), mostly to better match the different fonts in the books.

Name/Term Spellings

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Minor update today. I’ve made a page detailing some of my spelling preferences. It’s not complete (only covers characters that have appeared in new/updated summaries), but I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. It’s kind of necessary just for personal reference, but maybe you’ll enjoy seeing my reasoning too. This is definitely going to be updated a lot as I work on updating/creating more summaries. I was hoping to have another chunk of those ready today too, but things just didn’t work out that way.

(If you want to know a secret, a lot of the stuff in that page was pulled directly from my old DB “Articles” project that I took down years ago. I’d be shocked if anyone remembers it.)