Act 17, Reorganization

Finally making a news section for this project! I’ve rearranged the navigation a little, in preparation for further sections. Although I wouldn’t expect to see new sections anytime soon, since certain other projects are higher priority right now. More importantly, I’ve added something new: Act 17! It’s Calaveras time! I’m hoping to average one chapter a month for the rest of the year, while I prioritize other things. No guarantees, but think positive!

Starting with Act 17, I’m trying to be a bit less literal, just to the point that things sound less stiff, and more like natural English. Things should be just as accurate as they’ve always been, if not moreso (due to my very gradually increasing proficiency over the years). I fully intend to keep most honorific suffixes, but I’m trying to come up with alternatives to certain ones (namely “Motoki-oniisan” and “Makoto-senpai”). I don’t like to omit things, but I don’t want to be too Wapanese either. But everything that isn’t translated should be italicized now (though I haven’t gone through the older acts thoroughly yet). And on a similar note, I’ve changed around a few font styles (especially the “thinking” one), mostly to better match the different fonts in the books.

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