Makafushigi Birthday Adventure

Since I’ve missed a lot of other important anniversaries, I wanted to do something nice for the 25th anniversary of the first episode of Dragon Ball. But due to my poor time management skills, I only came up with the final idea a few days ago: a summary page for the very first Dragon Ball movie. It’s not as complete as I would like, but I’d hardly call it a rush job either. This is the first new summary I’ve done since 2004, and there are many, many words. (3,593 to be exact.) So for me, it’s a big deal in more ways than one. But I plan to add a little more to it in the very near future (possibly some screen captures?), along with some templates for the other movies. Right now I just need to upload this as is before (my) midnight.

I’d love to do more movie summaries in the near future, but right now my highest priority is cleaning up the old manga summaries. Ideally there will be more updates to those soon, but I don’t want to make any promises eight days before a new Pokemon release.

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