Big/Small Manga and Anime Updates

A relatively large update today, but most of it is meaningless to people who aren’t me. I did finish the summary pages for the first training arc, but after that, you’ll also find a lot of incomplete template pages for the subsequent chapters (32 and up) and episodes (DB 19 and up). Nothing on those template pages is finalized or confirmed; they mostly exist for my personal convenience. But they’ll also make future updates much easier and faster. It’s also worth noting that they contain nearly all the Dragon Ball content that was on the previous version of the site, which means nearly everything is here now, and that old mess has been rendered mostly obsolete.

There have also been some technical changes that results in a lot of new URLs, but everything should theoretically redirect automatically. You can read more about it on the site’s main page in the near future, and let me know if anything’s horribly broken.

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2 Responses to “Big/Small Manga and Anime Updates”

  1. Scampos says:

    I wonder why you have a few inaccuracies on this site. I only wonder because people are using your information as pure fact. However, in the daizenshuu volume four, it directly says that the northern galaxy is the milky way galaxy. Why is it you say otherwise? Can your cite your reference?

    • Rachel says:

      As I’ve said, my Japanese is not perfect, and it was even worse back then. I’m (slowly) trying to clean up my old translation errors, though.

      As for this specific instance, whatever you’re referring to is an objective translation of the text in Daizenshuu 7, minus any translation errors I might have made. I don’t make any personal statements or analysis in the guidebook section, and my only reference is the book itself (with page numbers right there). But occasionally the Daizenshuu books do contradict each other, like Bra having multiple birth years.

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