Act 20 Script

On schedule again with Act 20! As I mentioned last month, this is double length, so it spans two Acts in the reprints. Now the different numbering will be even harder to keep track of… There was one line I really hit a snag with, and it should be obvious when you get to it. Hopefully I’ll be proficient enough to fix it one day soon.

This chapter also has a bunch of flashbacks, which brings me to something I’ve always wanted to explain. When there’s a flashback to a scene we’ve seen before, they often contain identical dialogue to the original scene. But there are also many times where the flashback dialogue differs from the original dialogue. I always go back to the original scene and compare the lines. If the dialogue is the same, it’s a matter of copy and paste, but if it differs, so does my translation. So if you’ve ever noticed flashback dialogue differing from the original scene, that’s not an inconsistency on my part; that’s a reflection of the original text.

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