Act 35 (40), Princess Kaguya

Time for some Fish Eye fun with Act 35! And its reprint counterpart, Act 40! With comparisons between them, of course. But I only had time for one main story act because I also did a really, really long side story. Next month I’ll probably even it out with 36 and some shorter side stories, and then go back to normal.

That really, really long side story is of course Princess Kaguya’s Lover! And its reprint version. Plus comparisons, too, full of many minor art changes, and yet the disguise pen incantation was left alone (!?). After last month, I’m stuck going slightly out of order with the old tankoubon, and these 130 or so wordy pages (science! medicine!) were one of the biggest hurdles to fixing that.

Also, how about that new anime? I’ve noticed the PGSM books seem to be going out of print in Japan, and the same thing happened a decade ago with the original tankoubon. But then we got new cover reprints as a tie-in with the live-action series, so maybe we’ll get a third version as a tie-in with the new anime. I sure wouldn’t mind a kanzenban style release, with better paper and ALL the color pages.

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