Daizenshuu 7 Poster Revised

I had planned on using that headline as a joke, but then things happened, and getting even the poster done seemed questionable. But it has indeed been revised, along with Toriyama’s message, the table of contents, and the first few pages of the timeline. The last revised page is 19, as conveniently marked by the last horizontal ruler on the webpage. I kept falling asleep working on page 18, probably because the official companies have made me grow tired of Saiyan history.

As far as Dragon Ball webmasters go, I feel like a deadbeat dad. But I’m trying to clean myself up, and I’ve gone back to work now. Even if it’s only a few pages a month, I’ll give you kids as much support as I can. Odds are I’ll at least finish the timeline and re-do some of the images next month, but I’m still trying to get back on my feet and re-discover the best way to hold this giant book at my desk.

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2 Responses to “Daizenshuu 7 Poster Revised”

  1. Eduardo says:

    Hey! pretty cool work you’ve done here! Almost no one still makes Dragon Ball research nowadays. Those Daizenshuu books must be amazing. Do you have them all? There’s a poster in the 10th book with all DB and DBZ characters which I’ve only managed to get a not so good version of it (it has horizontal lines and rare colors)
    Do you have it digitalized in hi-res with no lines or color modification? Is it somewhere around in your website? Could you post it?

    • Rachel says:

      I do have all the normal Daizenshuu books. The only ones I’m missing are the two Carddas books, which don’t really interest me. As for 10, I have it with the poster, but my scanner is not that great, so I’m not sure I could provide anything better than whatever you have now. I guess I could try when I get a chance, since the posters are rarer than the books themselves (due to people pulling them out).

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