Act 36 (41), Casablanca, Chibi Usa 2

Mars Ready: Act 36 is up! Along with its PGSM version, Act 41, and the differences between them.

But if that’s not enough Rei for you, I’ve also got a script for Casablanca Memory! This is a side story that takes place during the first arc, but was published during the second arc, compiled into a tankoubon between the third and fourth arcs, and of course the PGSM version was released after the fifth arc. And here’s looking at some comparisons.

Also, the second Chibi Usa Picture Diary! And its PGSM counterpart, though I think this might be the first chapter I’ve done with no real dialogue changes. And this finishes up old books 10, 11, and 12. Next month will probably include at least some of the side stories from 13, but not at the expense of doing two normal chapters.

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