Acts 31-32 (34-35), Chibi Usa 1 Revised

Busters Ready Go! This month we have both labyrinth chapters (but no Bowie): Act 31 and Act 32! Plus their 21st Century counterparts, Act 34 and Act 35! And some comparisons between all of them, of course, with much less atashi/watashi nonsense this time.

Also! I’ve finally revised, compared, and PGSM-ized Chibi Usa Picture Diary 1! Now the revision project is really REALLY complete. But it turns out redoing 25 pages on a whim at the last minute is a bad idea, because every problem will happen.

Anyway… The old tankoubon are still my primary source, which means there’s only one Infinity chapter left. It’s triple size, but I do plan to do the whole thing in one go. I guess it will be a warm-up for potentially doing both a double size and normal act in the same month, or the super long Kaguya side story.

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