Act 39 (44-45)

Saturn Ready: Act 39 is up! Along with its reprint counterparts, Act 44 and Act 45! And some comparisons, of course, which don’t include fixing the mirror name error. I was hoping to do the next chapter too, but that didn’t happen. Double length or not, I didn’t want to get stuck at an odd number again, so I’ll have to find a way to rectify it.

I did upload all of this yesterday, for the usual first of the month, but I didn’t get a chance to write up the news post until now. Mainly because I wanted to summarize this Takeuchi anecdote, which doesn’t really fit on the comparisons page. Basically: the first half of BSSM 39/PGSM 44 was a lot different when it ran Nakayoshi. Her editor complained that it didn’t include Usagi or resolve the Minako situation, so she added those things at the expense of Haruka, et al. But come the tankoubon release, she took the opportunity to expand the chapter and make it closer to her original vision. It’s not exactly clear what was added or changed, other than a different, less relevant Yeats poem (“Symbols”…?) being used in the Nakayoshi version. But whatever they were, most of these changes apparently persist in the PGSM reprints, since there aren’t any drastic differences from the old tankoubon.

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