Acts 47-48 (55-56)

It’s a year late, but here is Act 47 and Act 48 at last! And their reprint equivalents, Act 55 and Act 56! And just because the series is nearly over doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of differences between them. Many dialogue changes, and countless visual tweaks such as blurry Wiseman. Only four chapters (and three side stories) remain, and I can say with certainty the next update will be less than thirteen months from now.

But my site is not the only Sailor Moon-related thing to experience considerable delays. Instead of aizouban we got kanzenban reprints after all, and as of last week the entire series and its side stories have been re-re-released. I do have all 10 so far (what the hell will 11 and 12 be?), but I’ve put off going through them thoroughly until I finish the current comparison project. Though in skimming through the kanzenban version of this update’s two chapters, they seem to be identical to the 2003 version anyway.

Things should mostly be back to normal for me now, but I don’t want to make any promises about the update schedule just yet. Especially since other projects of mine have been backlogged for all this time too.

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  1. seijitsu says:

    Thank you so much for these translations and comparisons between the versions! I bought the original Japanese volumes around 1998 and I had no idea until coming across your site yesterday that the reprints made changes to the art and text. Thank you for thoughtfully including both your translation of each as well as the Japanese text of each so I can see the differences you point out.
    I am writing a Sailor Moon fanfic and I am currently living in Japan, while my manga are stored at my parent’s home in the U.S., so I cannot reference them for details I want to confirm or incorporate into my story. Being able to find that information in your site is extremely helpful! As a historian, I hate the idea of making a mistake by overlooking something that was written in the series, or mis-remembering it, and accidentally putting an inaccurate portrayal into my fanfic. Your work is a life-saver. My story is mostly based on the final arc of the manga, so I strongly look forward to your forthcoming chapter translations. Keep up the excellent work!!
    I wanted to thank you and let you know, since perhaps you hear flack sometimes from people saying you should stop since there is an official English translation, but there are people like me out there – we already bought the product to support Takeuchi and co., but we are not currently in the same place as the merchandise we bought, and we don’t have spare money to go splurge on re-buying another copy of the whole series. Being able to quickly and easily look up a fact in your work is really valuable.

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