Act 49 (57)

Many months late, here is Act 49! And its 2003 reprint equivalent, Act 57! Since I only did one chapter, I decided to go into even more detail with the comparisons between them. Namely I noted some things that I was too lazy to do before, like noses being added and text being moved around. Someday I want to go back and add those things to the earlier chapters, but this one has absolutely everything my eyes could find. (Assuming I didn’t forget to type it up or accidentally overwrite the entry, anyway.) Every single page but the last one has some sort of difference.

It’s only a matter of hours before I would have hit that thirteen month mark again. But I wanted to see how many other things I could get done first, so I only started on this a few days ago. Living on the edge, of course. I still don’t want to make any promises, but I’ll be shocked if there isn’t another update in five weeks or so.

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  1. Quinton Cole says:

    Hello. It’s been about five years since the comparison for Act 57 was posted. Could you please do the last three acts of the manga (Act 58-60)? Thank you.

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