Act 22, 1-5 Revised

October is a relatively big month. First, here is Act 22! This is the penultimate chapter of the Black Moon arc (at least in the older books), and I’ve already made a lot of progress on the final chapter (which is double length), so yay.

Second, I’ve finally started a related sub-project that I’ve always wanted to do: separate scripts for both versions of the manga! Here’s the indexes for the old books and the new books, and another page for comparisons between them. I acquired copies of the reprints a couple months ago, but I wanted to finish the Black Moon arc before I started on them. I’m close enough now that I decided to go ahead with it anyway, but so far I’ve only managed to do up to Act 5.

With those separate scripts also comes a lot of translation revisions I’ve been meaning to do for a while, which is part of why I haven’t gotten many separate scripts done yet. I’ve also been reformatting the pages to include page numbers from the corresponding books. Act 22 doesn’t have most of these changes, and neither does what I have done of 23, but ideally everything will be updated to have all the new changes before it’s time to start the Infinity arc.

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