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Until very recently, I’d never watched a certain popular show. But after every episode was added to Hulu a few months ago, I decided I should give it a try at some point. And as of today, I’ve now seen every episode, just in time for the premiere of the final season next week. If you hadn’t guessed already, that show is Lost.

This is going to be a relatively casual collection of thoughts rather than a formal review, but I’ll probably still use some big words anyway. There are some spoilers, but I’ve hidden them with color codes.

So I started with just a trial run of the first season, and I probably would have given up there if the finale’s cliffhangers didn’t make me want to know what happened next. And I’d say that summarizes my overall feelings of the show: it’s addicting, but not necessarily because it’s good. They hooked me in with all the cliffhangers and “oh snap” moments.

Side note: I have a huge thing for oh snaps in drama and soap opera. It’s like a bad addiction that you know is wrong and it’s just going to make you feel bad, but you just can’t resist. I also have the same problem with my love for McDonald’s food.

Anyway, I’d like to clarify that, though. Because yes, I did find the first season to be kind of so-so and forgettable, but I found the stories a lot more interesting in the following seasons. I remember really liking a lot of things that were introduced in the second season, like the mystery of the button, Desmond, Mr. Eko, the whole journey with the raft group meeting the other survivors, and the expanded character development. But I was kind of annoyed that they killed some characters off just as they started to get more interesting, like Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, and most of all, Mr. Eko.

But then the story started to lose steam when it started to explain and put faces on the “others”. Their whole deal was a tumor and pregnancy problems? Really? But it picked up again when the freighter was introduced, and Charlie’s self-sacrifice was really nice. Then there was Daniel and Miles, who really grew on me for some reason. The whole Oceanic Six thing was pretty bleh, but it managed to make Sawyer and Locke more interesting. Moving the island was pretty awesome; comparable to getting a Double Quarter Pounder with Super Sized Fries (which I’ve never done, but one day…). Time travel was a little silly, but it made room for decent character development.

The finale from last season had some cool moments and intriguing mysteries, which leaves me really wanting to know what happens next, but I don’t find myself doing backflips about it. Partially because I already know my two favorite characters, Daniel and Desmond, won’t have major roles. But I also have a feeling they’re not going to answer all my questions, or that the answers they do give won’t be satisfying. Either way, I’ll be watching the final season as it airs, mostly because I need to know what happens next.

Anyway, it’s not a bad show, and it can be pretty enjoyable, but I do think it’s kind of overrated. Oh, and I really don’t like Kate.


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