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NXT Season 3, Episodes 1 to 5

I really enjoyed WWE’s NXT Season 1. Season 2 was definitely a step down, but I was still pleased with it. And now we’re in the all-female Season 3, which only had four episodes air on TV before becoming a web exclusive (at least in the US) last week. I think there are some positive aspects to it, and so far, I like most of these girls better than the current crop of WWE Divas. But I have a feeling this show will die soon, with Michael Cole ballroom dancing on its grave.

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Michael Cole and His Amazing Friends

The first season of WWE’s pseudo-reality show, NXT, apparently ended last week, and the second season already starts tonight. I have many things to say about both of those matters.

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NXT Thoughts

So WWE’s NXT, their newest series, premiered this week. Of course I was going to watch it, but sometimes I have an opinion about things, and sometimes those opinions are made up of multiple words, so… Analysis ahoy.

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