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Audio Foolishness

As you may have noticed, I like talking to myself about TV shows. I like using my blog as an outlet for that sort of thing, because my friends, social networks, and IRC aren’t all interested in all the same things I am. (I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who shares all the same interests as me.) Also, I hate spoilers, and I don’t want to risk spoiling things for other people without the ability to warn first. And I rarely watch anything within 24 hours of its airing, so it’s odd to try striking up conversations about things that aired days, weeks, or even months ago.

But anyway. My TV rambles have always been more talking than writing, so I’ve been wanting to try doing it in audio form for a while. But I couldn’t really use my microphone until recently. And on a whim I decided to try it out in late February, rather than waiting until summer. So rather than typing up unordered lists for each episode, I recorded myself saying sentences. It’s still just as disjointed, but with brief silence instead of bullet points for separation. And I ended up doing stuff for January, February, and March episodes, so I’m not gonna bother listing every show before the cut. Also, there are no text spoilers, but there are tons of them in the audio files.

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Super TV Thoughts: Babies, Santa, and Abraham Lincoln

Since every show took some sort of holiday break, I decided to wait and throw November and December thoughts into one giant post. But the problem is I have no short term memory, so I’ve had to Google to figure out what the context was for a lot of my notes. Also, I can barely read my own handwriting (“armstrong kick” looked like “armstrong lock” and confused me for a minute). So at the very least this has been very interesting for me to type up, but I can’t guarantee you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Anyway, many many sentences this time. There are thoughts on November/December episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger, Kamen Rider Fourze, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, and Chuck; the mid-season finales of 90210, CSI: Cheers, Young Justice, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars; the season finale of South Park; the something finale of ThunderCats; and the series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Everything is a spoiler for everything, and you can use the anchor links to hop around between shows.

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Super TV Thoughts: Democracy, Musicals, and Emilio Estevez

So much TV, so many sentences, so little else. This time, the subjects are the season premiere of Chuck; the mid-season premiere of South Park; and October episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger, Kamen Rider Fourze, 90210, CSI: Cheers, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and ThunderCats. Lots of stuff and such, including thousands of spoilers, so watch out, and use the anchor links to help avoid stuff.

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Super TV Thoughts: September 2011

Fall TV begins, and so does my desire to shoot words about it at the internet. I’ve combined both of my ramble formats into some strange concoction of mixed-tense sentence fragments, sprinkled with some profanity for the most natural flavor. Thus, you’ll find words about the season premieres of 90210, CSI: Cheers, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars; the series premiere of Kamen Rider Fourze; and the September episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger and Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes. So a mix of new and old subjects, and of course lots and lots of spoilers, so be careful.

This isn’t exactly the new format I wanted to try, because computer problems ruined my plans. But I kind of like this one, so maybe I won’t bother to try that anyway.

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90210 Season 3, Episodes 18 to 22

And now the highlight of my week is gone again. At least until the fall, because 90210 has thankfully been renewed. Luckily I have many other projects and things to help pass the time. And to help you pass the time until I finish those other projects, you can read my thoughts on the end of this season, but of course there are spoilers.

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90210 Season 3, Episodes 12 to 17

More good episodes. More painfully long breaks between new episodes. More Claudia Black. More earring cliffhangers. More South Park references in my rambles. And more spoilers.

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90210 Season 3, Episodes 6 to 11

This might be my longest post thus far, which is both a testament to my love for this show, and a reminder that I should put more effort into more coherent, important writing. These six episodes happen to be up on The CW’s site at the moment, so you should go watch them, and then come back and read my thoughts, because I spoiled all the things.

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90210 Season 3, Episodes 3 to 5

More words to say about 90210‘s delicious soap opera goodness. I like this show far too much, and it hurts my soul that there was no episode this week. But luckily for my warped perception of time, next week is only a few hours away. Anyway, everything is a spoiler, so you have been warned.

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90210 Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

The 2010-2011 American TV season has started, and I need somewhere to ramble about the first two episodes of 90210 Season 3. It’s one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place; I have no one to talk to about this increasingly awesome show. There are many spoilers, but I haven’t bothered to hide them this time, because I’d pretty much have to block out everything.

I don’t plan on making single posts about multiple shows at once anymore, but I may group multiple episodes of the same show together like this sometimes. I’ve had a big backlog of TV episodes to watch lately, so I’ve fallen behind on everything.

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TV Thoughts: 2010 Season Finales

The 2009-2010 US television season has mostly come to an end, which will theoretically leave me with more free time. I may do something different with these types of posts when the new season starts in the fall, but for now, here are some ramblings about the season finales of Smallville, 90210, Lost, and Chuck. There are many spoilers, but I’ve blocked them out with color codes.

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