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Buffy Seasons Eight and Nine Thoughts

I was waiting to get every issue of the final arc so I could marathon the whole thing at once. But in typical me fashion, I forgot about it until the other day, when I got an email titled, “Buffy Season Nine #1 now available for pre-order.” I realized I needed to finish Season Eight so I could figure out what the story was with Season Nine. (IE, is Whedon involved, or is it gonna be bad fanfiction like Angel: Aftermath?)

And after the previous arc, I assumed I’d want to write some kind of ramble or review for issues #36-40. But I’m not going to do that. All I really have to say is, “Well, that was pretty good. They salvaged that craziness into something cool after all.” Instead, I’m going to talk about all these new (to me) franchise comic developments. There will be a few spoilers, in case you’re actually further behind than I am.

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Comic Thoughts: Ben is Glory

So I finally got around to reading Buffy Season Eight #32-35, and now I’m finally caught up again for the first time in many months. But I’m also not sure what just happened. Did I read a few issues of Buffy, or did I somehow ingest something hallucinogenic? Is today Wednesday or Thursday? Or is it Friday already? There are spoilers everywhere, but they are as cleverly disguised as Twilight’s true identity.

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TFAW is Pretty Cool

Story time. I moved across the US a couple years ago, and I couldn’t bring my car with me, so I sold it a few months before I moved. The local comic store was 35 minutes away by car, and since gas prices were pretty bad at the time, it was not easy to convince someone else to take me there. Thus, I started ordering my comics online at Things From Another World until I moved. But after I moved, the comic store here turned out to be 25 minutes away (which isn’t much better), and rarely has what I’m looking for in stock, so I decided to just keep ordering comics from TFAW.

Fast forward to the present. They shipped my copy of Buffy #34 in early April, and come the middle of May, it never got here. Read the rest of this entry »

Comic Thoughts: Buffy, Willow, and Norman

Check out my review of Siege #1 on FBR. But the rest will be quick thoughts on older things that I’ve accidentally let pile up. Buffy Season Eight #30 from two months ago, and the Willow one-shot from three weeks ago. Nonetheless, I’ll try to hide spoilers with color codes, which, as a warning, might not work properly in feed readers.

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