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Smallville Series Finale

I originally started watching this show back in 2003, and back then I actually enjoyed it, as far as I know. It’s too long ago to remember. But at some point it definitely turned into a chore. The main thing that kept me going was wanting to see the final transformation into Superman, as a reward of sorts for all the time I’d invested. (If that’s a spoiler, where have you been for the last 73 years?) There have been some positive moments mixed in, especially this final season, but it has generally been a negative experience for me that I really should have stopped years ago.

And now the adventures end after all these years. Was it worth all the waiting? You can read my thoughts on it below, which are in a slightly different format than usual. I gave live thoughts on the finale on IRC, and I’ve pasted most of my quotes here. After that, I wrote a final analysis in more complete form. This is full of spoilers, of course, but you can watch the entire thing on the CW’s site yourself (at least for now).

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Smallville Season 10, Episodes 6 to 11

This show is a prime example of why I shouldn’t and usually don’t talk about every show I watch. I don’t like having to force myself to think about this show in complete sentences. But now we’re halfway through the final season, so it’s almost over. I’d be surprised if I post about it again before the final episode(s). Spoilers, by the way.

And this is the end of my sorry excuse for November sweeps coverage, so everything will go back to normal soon. Not that I know what “normal” actually is in this case.

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Smallville Season 10, Episodes 4 and 5

Oh, Smallville. If you’re wondering where my post about episode 1-3 are, you’re not missing anything; I didn’t have anything to say about those episodes. (Other than maybe, “Oh, Smallville.”) So, obviously, I’m not going to be saying things about every show I watch. Everything is a spoiler, although there isn’t much detail.

And if you’re wondering where all the non-TV posts are, then they’re just not done yet. I have some I’ve been writing in my head for a while, but actually typing them out has been difficult lately.

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TV Thoughts: 2010 Season Finales

The 2009-2010 US television season has mostly come to an end, which will theoretically leave me with more free time. I may do something different with these types of posts when the new season starts in the fall, but for now, here are some ramblings about the season finales of Smallville, 90210, Lost, and Chuck. There are many spoilers, but I’ve blocked them out with color codes.

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