TV Thoughts: Christian Kane and Crocodiles

Some thoughts on last week’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold and this week’s ECW.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2-6:
“Quick! Retrieve my bow from that crocodile pit!” Oh Green Arrow. And the way everyone looks at him after the story is great.

Also, Batman with a glowy sword, and Ra’s Al Ghul with an army of monster plants? Hell yeah. And I wonder how many people flipped out over the cameos.

ECW January 26th, 2010:
Were there really only two matches on this entire show? They were both nice and long, but wow. Also, Christian and Kane teaming up just made me go “haha, Christian Kane” because that’s a person I’m familiar with. He’s an Angel alumnus, of course (and the only one to appear in both the first and last episodes, other than Boreanaz himself), and it complements the fact that there were lots of other Angel alumni on Lost, which I just watched. Jin was Gavin, Bernard was Holland, and Phil was that crazy guy in the bookstore that Fred went to while running from Jasmine.

But as for more actual ECW thoughts, it was a good show, and it makes me sad that Yoshi Tatsu’s song isn’t on the new album. Last week’s episode, however… all I remember is Santino hosting the Abraham Washington Show, and if that’s a “pilot” for Santino’s new sitcom, then I’m also sad again.

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