Final Fantasy XIII Log: Part 2

Some more FFXIII “coverage,” and still with no spoilers. I wanted to get a little further into the game before I did a second part, but since Sony broke my poor obese console, this is the best I can do for now. And if I waited until they fixed things, I’d probably forget all this stuff anyway.

I was in a certain lake area when I last stopped, and not very far into it. But I spent quite a bit of time there, and I’m not sure if it was because it was actually huge, or if it was because I kept getting lost. Yeah, it was still mostly one long narrow path like everywhere else has been so far, but there were lots of little forks to check for treasure, and I kept getting turned around and going backwards somehow. And I was using my mini-map a lot, so I don’t really know how that happened. Perhaps it was because I was a little inebriated at the time.

Near the end of the lake, there was a cool cutscene. I don’t know why, but some of the characters are just really growing on me. I think it’s the acting. But said cutscene led into a big boss fight, which I screwed up on the first few tries, and thus had to watch the scene again. After that, I learned they can be skipped. Oh well. The lake area eventually led into a temple area, and I kept going in all kinds of circles in there. Probably for the same reasons as before. But there was also a lot more space to run around.

At one point, I managed to unlock my first summon beast, but not without consulting the internet, because the in-game “hints” as to how to do it apparently went over my head. I guess I’ll try to pay more attention whenever I get to the other summon beasts. I still haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, though. I’m not usually a fan of them in the post Final Fantasy V-era anyway, so I’m curious to find out how I’ll feel about them this time.

When I got to the next area, with lots of cliffs and stuff (something Peaks?), I finally noticed that the game was dividing itself into “chapters.” I think this was the start of Chapter 4…? And at one point in Cliff Peaks, you can only control Mushroom Head and Vanilla, and the monster groups kept destroying me. There was one particular large group that I died to like ten times before I finally just gave up and somehow got around them. And I had clearly beaten that particular group before somehow, because I’d already gotten the treasure chest next to them. But then I got a third member again and came back to use a save point, and I made them pay for their crimes.

I think I just kept running around fighting monsters there before I called it quits. I hope this PS3 glitch gets fixed very soon, because my goal was to finish this game before the US version came out, and if I succeeded, it would also leave me a lot of breathing room before the release of a certain highly addictive game on March 14th. But I also just really want to play because I’m really enjoying it.

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