Royal Rumble Thoughts

The start of the so-called “Road to WrestleMania” took place last night, so I thought I’d get out my opinions while they’re still relatively fresh (though I’m already forgetting details). Not going to bother with spoiler tags, because I’d have to block out pretty much everything in this case, so I’d advise against reading this now if you don’t want to know the results yet.

Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson:
This match was better than I expected. Well, I always expect a good show from Christian, but Jackson I don’t think I’ve ever seen in action for more than a minute at a time. But it was pretty decent, I guess, and I would have been pretty shocked if Christian didn’t win.

The backstage segment with Cryme Tyme and Khali and everyone was horrible. Don’t do that anymore.

What was the point of the backstage segments with Legacy? I don’t understand why they’d feel compelled to scheme against each other and suck up to Orton in the first place, but it makes even less sense in comparison to their later actions.

The Miz vs MVP:
Great match, but I was surprised at how the crowd turned on MVP. The finish would almost hint at a heel turn, but I kind of doubt it. I guess their feud isn’t ending anytime soon either, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Jericho/Big Show stuff was kind of weird, but I wonder if they’re building to a Jericho/R-Truth feud? I slept through most of last week’s Smackdown, and I can’t remember any further back than that, so I don’t know if it already happened and this was actually the end of it.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton:
This one started out kind of slow, but picked up later on, and thus was overall decent. Orton seems to pick up his game a bit when he’s not facing Cena or Triple H for the thousandth time. The crowd really got into him, so I wonder if WWE will run with that, or just write it off as a local fluke? Either way, Legacy looks even weaker and dumber than ever with the ending, and the possibility of either them getting pushed for turning on him is probably nonexistent now, unless they can somehow come up with a way to redeem them. Oh yeah, and we burst out laughing when Orton did his slither on the ground thing at the beginning of the match. How can anyone take that seriously?

Mickie James vs Michelle McCool:
The actual match was great, for the whole eight seconds or whatever it lasted. Everything before and after it lasted way too long, but hopefully this means the end of all the stupid piggy stuff.

But on that note, whatever happened to the Diva’s title tournament? Is it over, or just going to finish on regular TV, or what? I guess I’ll find out on tonight’s Raw.

The Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio:
I didn’t sleep much Saturday night, and I had a pretty big dinner shortly before the show started last night, so I ended up dozing off during Taker’s crazily long entrance and falling in and out of consciousness through most of the match. I ended up staying awake once I saw the bloody nose, because I was wondering how it happened and if they were going to clean it up. But I’m sure it was a good match, if not great. I believe my order included free replays for the next week, so I’ll try to rewatch it while I can.

The Royal Rumble:
Overall, I really enjoyed the titular event. Ziggles and Bourne looked great, but then things got a little too gimmicky when CM Punk came out. Sure, it was cool that he eliminated so many, and preached his deal, but it was also kind of surreal and took me out of the moment. Beth Phoenix and Khali only made it worse, but Phoenix did look awesome while she was there. Things then got “normal” again when Triple H showed up and rained on Punk’s parade, and other people that almost matter followed him. Before that, I was beginning to think they’d never have more than three people in the ring, which would have been kind of un-Rumble-ish. But then Shawn Michaels ran in to change that, which was just awesome. From there, it was fairly fun but predictable, until…

EDGE. WHAT. I had no clue he would be there, and he looked great. Before that, I was convinced Cena or Michaels would win, but there went that theory. I don’t see him feuding with either Sheamus or Taker for WrestleMania, so either he’ll face someone that steals one of their belts, or… Edge vs Christian!

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