TV Thoughts: Finales, Premieres, and Evil Gases

Quick rambles about the series finale of Dollhouse, the season premiere of Lost, this week’s ECW, and last week’s episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Many spoilers are thrown about, but I’ve hidden them with ugly color codes, as usual.

Dollhouse 2-13 – Epitaph Two: Return:
As I said a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the previous episode. I’ve never seen “Epitaph One” either, since Fox is a jerk blah blah etc. But somehow I really liked this. It wasn’t perfect, and it definitely felt a little last-minute, best-they-could-do, but the ending was mostly satisfying. I’m surprised it worked as well as it did, and that it was as happy and upbeat as it was. The scene with Anthony and T bonding was a really nice tearjerker.

Lost 6-1 to 6-2 – LA X:
I didn’t have to wait nearly as long as most people between last year’s finale and this, but I still went in with a lot of curiosity. I had no idea what to expect (I didn’t watch that 4 minute clip that went around), and after watching both parts, I still don’t know. Are they doing future flashes again, a la the Oceanic Six junk? Does the world explode and restart with the plane never crashing? Did they create a parallel timeline where the plane never crashed? Augh. At least they kind of explained the smoke monster, though that was an obvious deduction anyway. It was also obvious that Sayid wasn’t going to die, so that was a really crappy thing to end the second part on. Oh yeah, and I have a theory that Jacob vs Other Guy is supposed to be some allegory for God vs Devil, and I doubt I’ll care for the results, if so.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 34 – The Mandalore Plot:
Sup Jon Favreau. This show gets surprisingly dark for a cartoon that’s made for 8-year-old boys, with the way that one guy just suddenly kills himself. Not that I think it’s a bad thing, since I’m all grown up myself, and I don’t think kids should be treated like morons.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2-7 – Clash of the Metal Men:
Sup Bill Fagerbakke. I’ve always wanted to see/read something with the Metal Men, and now I have, so yay. Also, did the opening short go unresolved, or what? Is Aquaman still a Starfish Zombie or whatever they were, or did I totally miss something? Oh, and Helium Batman is amusing.

ECW – February 2nd, 2010:
I said “Oh snap” about half a second before Abraham Washington did when they put Hurricane’s mugshot on the TitanTron. Mine wasn’t as genuine as his, but I think I should still be ashamed.

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