90210 Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

The 2010-2011 American TV season has started, and I need somewhere to ramble about the first two episodes of 90210 Season 3. It’s one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place; I have no one to talk to about this increasingly awesome show. There are many spoilers, but I haven’t bothered to hide them this time, because I’d pretty much have to block out everything.

I don’t plan on making single posts about multiple shows at once anymore, but I may group multiple episodes of the same show together like this sometimes. I’ve had a big backlog of TV episodes to watch lately, so I’ve fallen behind on everything.

3-1: Senior Year, Baby

  • Poor Naomi. Although that scene with the cop was really hokey and almost killed my sympathy and interest in that storyline.
  • Is Annie going to get pimped out? I still don’t like her, but her new job does intrigue me.
  • And it looks like Liam and Annie won’t be a thing, which I’m glad for. Liam deserves better. Something good needs to happen to him.
  • Did they even address the fact that Dixon tried to sneak away to Australia? Maybe I missed something.
  • I don’t care for this Oscar guy or his ridiculous long-yet-short hair. Ivy, stick with Dixon.
  • Javier was kind of a tool, but damn, I did not expect that. And now Adrianna’s a graverobber. So much drama with that girl.
  • In one episode, Teddy ruined his tennis career and his relationship with Silver. And he worked so hard for both of them. Poor guy.
  • Speaking of Silver, is Mr. Cannon going after her now? Oh shit. Help her, Naomi!
  • But first, Mr. Matthews needs to help Naomi. When are they going to address his problems?

3-2: Age of Inheritance

  • Mr. Cannon I hate you so much. I hope Naomi teams up with Mr. Matthews to bust you in the face. It was pretty awesome that Naomi ditched her own birthday party to go try to save Silver, but she didn’t want to hear it. I hope Naomi comes through before it’s too late!
  • Teddy almost rectified things with Silver, but then he had to go lying. Teddy. :(
  • I had a feeling that Oscar was setting up Dixon, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I hope Dixon busts him in the face and saves Ivy.
  • Liam and Annie became a thing, but thankfully it ended as quickly as it started. Hopefully this mysterious Charlie guy keeps them from trying again. And I’m glad they remembered Liam’s “bad boy” roots, but comparing him to Jasper? That’s just cold.

So far, this looks to be an awesome year. I hope it can fill the void left in my heart by the cancellation of Melrose Place.


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