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If you’re reading this in 2009, you’re either a very clever person, or a very evil person. In either case, we’d have a lot in common. But anyway, I’m finally making a real blog thing. I had really wanted to do it on my own server, but there are some hosting and scripting issues I need to work out, and that could take a few months. So I decided to try one of Google’s many useful services in the mean time, and who knows, maybe I’ll like this so much I won’t even want to host my own thing anymore.

I don’t particularly plan to become a full on “blogger” or whatever, and I’m certainly not going to abandon my other web projects (well, maybe a couple of them). But sometimes I think in paragraphs, so it would probably be best for my sanity to type those paragraphs at other people, and potentially even have conversations about them.

But as a warning, I expect that the much-maligned subject of pro wrestling will be a popular topic, since I rarely have a good avenue to express my thoughts for it. My first few posts will probably be about it, in fact. But it will hardly be the only thing, so don’t let your hatred for theatrical, muscly men scare you away from my other amazing insights about things like Futurama, Pokemon, and canned ravioli.


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