Chuck Season 4, Episodes 11-15

American TV has come back from a winter break, and so have I, apparently. Chuck‘s fourth season has been a little weak compared to the previous ones, but I still enjoy the show, and hope it doesn’t get canceled for real this time. Here I will say some things about the most recent episodes in barely complete sentences. I assume there are spoilers, but I am writing this paragraph after the below stuff and haven’t proofread it yet, and I forget what I said. But just to be safe, you should also assume there are spoilers.

4-11: Chuck Versus the Balcony

  • It feels a little weird that they’re making such a big deal about the proposal. Not that I can’t wait for it to happen, but something about all this buildup has felt off.
  • Speaking of feeling off, I was starting to think Lester might actually be growing as a human being, and I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. But in the end, I’m glad to see Lester is staying true to himself.
  • All this wine bottle stuff was fun. Maybe it’s because of the holiday break, but I feel like I haven’t seen that kind of goofiness in a while.
  • My heart sank a little when Sarah was arrested, but rose again when I saw it’s all a way for her to get at Volkoff. Though I wonder how she can pull that off. And I eagerly await the happy reunion.

4-12: Chuck Versus the Gobbler

  • Oh snap, Sarah dyed her hair. I love her cover story for Volkoff. It’s so perfect, and a lot of it was even true.
  • Timothy Dalton is so perfect. Oh man.
  • Oh no, Sarah vs Casey. Cool fight, but sad ending. I think Chuck is going to go SSJ next week.

4-13: Chuck Versus the Push Mix

  • What is that spyder thing?
  • I wonder if “Eimacher” is supposed to be a bad pun on “eye maker.” That’s all it makes me think of, anyway. Also, I love the whole kidnapping and interrogating guys in Chuck’s bathroom.
  • I suspected the Orion stuff was probably Chuck’s doing, but I was really hoping Scott Bakula would come back. Maybe another time. It’s pretty cool that they went back to Chuck’s natural computer expertise for that.
  • Another epic and disturbing Jeffster performance to close out the story arc. They always find a way.
  • And a warm, fuzzy ending with a subtle proposal. Yay.

4-14: Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

  • Yay, John Larroquette is back! And he’s still awesome.
  • Oh man, I loved how Casey was about to kill Morgan when he mentioned babies and Alex.
  • Character development for General Beckman. I’m not sure how to feel. I’m leaning towards positive.
  • So I guess we might be getting another big wedding as a season finale. It will be hard to top the last one.
  • Poor Casey. Still bad at seduction, and trapped in a wall again.

4-15: Chuck Versus the C.A.T. Squad

  • Hi again Carina. And Lou Diamond Phillips as a crazy over-the-top villain.
  • Poor Morgan. But at least now his relationship with Alex is stronger.
  • The cat stuff was a cute parody, but I think I liked it mostly just to give some character development and history for Sarah. Now she can have bridesmaids! Also, it was obvious Zondra wouldn’t be the traitor, but I figured it was just going to be no one instead of Amy.
  • I hope we get to see Sarah’s dad again. They did drop a line that gives me hope.


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