90210 Season 3, Episodes 12 to 17

More good episodes. More painfully long breaks between new episodes. More Claudia Black. More earring cliffhangers. More South Park references in my rambles. And more spoilers.

3-12: Liars

  • Augh, Mr. Cannon. I’m glad the girls fought back, though it kind of sucks that Naomi stopped.
  • Yay for Teddy and Ian! Although what will happen now that Dixon knows?
  • Eeeeeeeeee, Navid and Silver! And damn you Adrianna. I have no sympathy for her.
  • Geez, Dixon, stop being so mean to Ivy. Though it was obvious she was faking her pains. I wonder she’s nervous or depressed?
  • Ughhhhhhh, Annie and Liam. Maybe Charlie is good after all, which makes this whole thing even worse.
  • Cousin Emily? What? She looks like Jennie Garth Jr.

3-13: It’s Getting Hot in Here

  • Apparently Adrianna’s mom still exists.
  • Eeeeeee, Navid and Silver in the tent!
  • Wow, Annie probably ruined everything with Liam and Charlie. Is Charlie going to come back and kill them!? Also, is Liam living in his house? What happened to the roommates?
  • Cousin Emily isn’t psycho enough. But oh hey, here’s Annie getting ostracized yet again.
  • Hi Claudia Black. She’s pretty cool and wise.
  • Damn Adrianna got owned. I bet she faked all the stuff about missing her baby.
  • Poor Ryan, trapped in the closet. (Just like Tom Cruise.)
  • So is Naomi going to become a weird spirit person? I hope it’s not a cult.
  • What the hell, no Teddy or Ivy this episode?

3-14: All About a Boy

  • Eeeeee, Navid and Silver! How long has Navid had an iguana?
  • I suspected Ian was the one behind the blackmail. But I also expected them to break up anyway because of a spoiler. I’m glad Teddy is out in the open now (yay Silver!).
  • I had a feeling something was up with the guru. Poor Naomi. Will there be a lawsuit, maybe?
  • Yesssssssss, Adrianna got dumped! But uh oh for Silver.
  • I’m glad Annie and her mom bonded. But why did Emily audition anyway? It’s too obvious and too hard to hide.
  • Oh no, Ivy’s a pothead. Now she’s a real hippie.

3-15: Revenge With the Nerd

  • Ughhhh, Adrianna, leave Navid and Silver alone.
  • Yay for Navid saving his family name! I like his mom.
  • I have no sympathy for Annie. But I wonder how far the Emily thing will go. I don’t want Liam to be with Emily either.
  • I knew the nerd guy was going to help Naomi somehow, but he was still pretty awesome.
  • Dixon and candy corn are a good combo, but I don’t really care about Nelly.
  • Poor Teddy. At least he’s getting a new love interest.

3-16: It’s High Time

  • Naomi and the nerd guy would be a cute couple, but what the hell, how could he reject her? It’s nice that he helped her though.
  • I’m glad that Teddy and Liam are bonding again. I loved crazy Navid and Dixon gaying it up.
  • Yay, Ivy has a new friend! (Or boyfriend!?) But stop being so mean, Dixon. Maybe it’s karma for Ivy being mean to her mother.
  • Ugh. Adrianna, you got your reality show, now leave Navid and Silver alone.
  • I don’t really care about Annie’s misery, but I’m shocked her friends so easily think she’s crazy. Is Liam finally gonna see the truth now?

3-17: Blue Naomi

  • Yay, Naomi and Max are a thing now! She looked pretty nice in that costume.
  • So Raj is Ivy’s boyfriend after all. Really sad that he’s dying. I hope he can set Ivy straight. Also, hi Mr. Matthews for the first time in weeks.
  • It was pretty obvious that Liam and Annie were setting Emily up, but I didn’t expect everything to blow up so quickly. Is this really the last of her?
  • Holy shit, Dixon got to hang out with Snoop Dogg. I am impressed and jealous. But it sucks for Navid.
  • Adrianna what the shit. What did you do to Silver? Is Silver even 18 yet? And did Lila even get any lines?


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