Super TV Thoughts: Babies, Santa, and Abraham Lincoln

Since every show took some sort of holiday break, I decided to wait and throw November and December thoughts into one giant post. But the problem is I have no short term memory, so I’ve had to Google to figure out what the context was for a lot of my notes. Also, I can barely read my own handwriting (“armstrong kick” looked like “armstrong lock” and confused me for a minute). So at the very least this has been very interesting for me to type up, but I can’t guarantee you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Anyway, many many sentences this time. There are thoughts on November/December episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger, Kamen Rider Fourze, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, and Chuck; the mid-season finales of 90210, CSI: Cheers, Young Justice, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars; the season finale of South Park; the something finale of ThunderCats; and the series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Everything is a spoiler for everything, and you can use the anchor links to hop around between shows.

Goukaiger | Fourze | 90210 | CSI | South Park | Best Wishes | Batman | Young Justice | The Clone Wars | Chuck | ThunderCats

Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger:

37: The Strongest Battle Machine

  • Oh snap, all extra heroes.
  • So Aka Red is really dead!?
  • Oh no, Great Waruzu. They killed Goujuu Goukai Ou already. Boo to cliffhanger.
  • Yay for Joe and Gai development.

38: The Power to Grab Dreams

  • Farewell, Barizorg/Cid.
  • And Waruzu too!?
  • So is Kanzen Goukai Ou just a combo with Machalcon? And wtf their greatest power is an Engine Soul?
  • Aka Red ghost. :(

39: Why? We’re High School Students

  • Love Gai and Kenta dorking out at each other.
  • Basco don’t bomb the school.
  • I should watch more Megaranger.
  • Oh man, Luka in the boys’ locker room.
  • Is Sanji the voice of Machalcon!?

40: The Future is in the Past

  • I need to watch more Timeranger.
  • So that cameo in Goseiger vs Shinkenger is canon!?
  • I thought the kid would be someone’s ancestor, but I guess maybe Time Yellow knocked up that chick in the past?

41: Something You Don’t Want to Lose

  • More details about Ahim’s past, finally. (But still nothing about Don.)
  • Awesome duo transformations. I guess they can still use the separate Go-On Wings keys? Also yay double Shinken Reds.
  • So there’s new villains, and maybe Damarasu will betray them!?

42: The Strongest Man in the Universe

  • Finally details about Don’s past, but is he just faking amnesia?
  • Oh no Basco killed everybody. But they have to still be alive somehow…? Maybe another Kakuranger ninja vanish?
  • Damn, Damarasu is a badass.
  • Shiiiit what a cliffhanger.

43: As the Legendary Hero

  • Yep, Don lied. (Guess he really is Usopp.)
  • I figured Basco might help somehow, but I didn’t expect full redemption or anything. (What power is he talking about!?)
  • Sun Vulcan and Fiveman? Welp. (Not enough episodes left to tribute everything anyway.)
  • A female Shishi Ranger!? Toei, I give you so much money as it is, and the US Dollar is very weak right now.

44: A Wonderful Christmas Eve

  • Luka is hype for presents from Santa Claus.
  • Cool plan giving the chick the yellow key.
  • The opening made it seem like this would be a tribute episode, but I was still shocked to find out Battle Kenya (also Denji Blue and Gavan?) was Santa. I guess that explains the transformation.
  • If Go-On Wings wasn’t permanent, I guess Goukai Christmas isn’t either.

Kamen Rider Fourze:

10: Clash Under The Moonlight

  • Naturally Tomoko joined, but I liked all the crazy stalking about the Moon trip. Also, stealing the staff was cool.
  • Oh no, little Amane grew up to become a witch. Would Hajime approve of this!?
  • Armstrong Kick wtf.
  • So Fire State powers up from fire. (Flash Fire?)

11: The Lunar Door Vanishes

  • That stalker is such a tool. Poor Yuuki.
  • Oh shit, the gate is gone. Will they fix it or get a new one!?
  • Who gave the switch for the locker in the first place? Is Kengo’s dad alive?
  • So the red-eyed guy isn’t the principal, but he is the school founder or whatever?

12: Mission And Wise Command

  • Yep, I guess that was the red-eyed guy. And Sonoda is evil too? I was getting suspicious during the last episode.
  • I loved the way the Dizer grabbed the bus.
  • Yay, the original locker is safe, so we get a happy lunar reunion. And I guess Kengo is a real member now?

13: A Rejection Of School

  • Oh shit, Tachibana is the principal. And a pimp, too. (Is he evil!?)
  • So Sonoda was Scorpion after all.
  • Fonze using water against the ninjas (!?) was a pretty badass scene.
  • Will Miura go psycho and turn into Hatchihyakku again?

14: Wild Poison Stinger Attack

  • Damn, Principal Garren is Libra, but yay for him being around more.
  • Shun always gets cool Dizer moments, but I hate the CGI.
  • Silly Kengo, one of the girls should have used the medical Switch.

15: A Christmas Eve Choir

  • What, glee club kids obsessed with Yuuki?
  • The art kid is nuts.
  • Only four of twelve horoscopes are active? But Perseus can’t be one even if he evolves…
  • A new Rider appears next week!?

16: Right And Wrong Conflict

  • So they got through to the crazy art kid after all. I knew Perseus wasn’t a horoscope.
  • Welp, Kamen Rider Meteor is Bruce Lee. Kicking Principal Garren’s ass. I love the costume.
  • Oh man, Tomoko as a goth Santa.
  • Oh god, Fonze vandalized the Moon.


4-7: It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark

  • I knew Holly’s revenge would be Naomi. :( At least it led to a thing with Austin.
  • Is this the same photography guy as before? A teacher? Ivy, don’t cheat.
  • Weirdest party ever, with way too much technology.
  • Damn, Patrick trying to be nice for Annie.
  • Poor Silver. Congresswoman Brandy is telling fibs, and Navid hurt her just to fight his uncle.
  • Dixon and Adrianna could be good. Innocent sleeping with handcuffs! But that damn math girl. >:|
  • Welp, Liam’s a top model.

4-8: Vegas, Maybe?

  • Welp, a Jersey Shore. Don’t take Liam’s money.
  • Glad Navid passed the test, but don’t have a fling with the cop chick.
  • I almost forgot about Dixon’s gambling problems, but it made a good excuse for the drugs. Also yay Adrianna and boo Annie.
  • Obvious Patrick would be with another woman. So much for that humble rich boyfriend, I guess.
  • Austin’s dad is too over the top. I hate that guy and that song.
  • Yay Teddy having a fake wedding. But oh no, the video was sent to Congresswoman Brandy!?

4-9: A Thousand Words

  • Oh shit, it’s Lucinda. Still scandalous, maybe?
  • Aaaaaa Congresswoman Brandy ruined everything. Poor Silver and Teddy.
  • Liam being a bad boy racer again. But oops, he got caught and hurt and now he’ll lose money.
  • Now Annie really is a hooker. Don’t be so mean to Adrianna.
  • Dixon’s being mean to everybody. Did drugs turn him evil? Adrianna’s holding out.
  • Yay Raj will live, but oops an affair with the photography teacher!?
  • Yay for Naomi helping Alana. I guess Austin is just hiding somewhere?

4-10: Smoked Turkey

  • Welp, Annie’s gonna get arrested again. And lying about Marla, tssk tssk. (Whatever happened with that?)
  • Aww, Raj and Ivy. :( Don’t be a martyr; that’s mean.
  • It was obvious Austin’s parents were getting divorced, but why did everything have to be so crazy? (I thought Naomi would get seriously injured.) Just be straight up.
  • Liam’s mom is a bitch, but his turkey thing was a noble endeavor.
  • Silver’s new guy is nice, but Navid. :(
  • Yay for Dixon being honest, and making progress with Adrianna too.

4-11: Project Runaway

  • Poor Ivy, but yay for hanging with the guys again. Cold pep talk, though.
  • Aha, the necklace was important after all. But welp, Jeremy.
  • Yay, Dixon avoided drugs with Adrianna’s song. (Future collaboration?) I don’t like that stoner friend, though.
  • Navid is getting crazy desperate. He should just tell Silver. It’s not like she’d blab it.
  • And Teddy is gone forever. :( Not a bad ending, but could have been better.
  • Naomi and Holly calling a truce? But uh oh, Holly’s mom.

4-12: O Holly Night

  • Navid’s cop friend is either a bad cop, or a bad guy.
  • I forgot Silver was half Jewish, too. (Maybe if David or Mel would guest star.) She’ll never trust Navid again now.
  • Poor Naomi. So many bad coincidences with Holly. I was getting tired of Austin anyway.
  • Oh boy, Annie gets her money. But oh shit Liam gets destroyed! (He’s not dead, right!?) I assume his model career is ruined and Lucinda will be pissed.
  • Dixon’s song was so lame, but yay for collaboration. Can’t believe she’s still hung up on the baby though. I guess she forgot she was into acting and not music back then.
  • Did Ivy leave for Guinea already?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

12-6: Freaks & Geeks

  • I hate needles.
  • Had a feeling the sister was involved. Hooray for being right.
  • Poor circus people. (Was Ted Danson in the circus too?)

12-7: Brain Doe

  • A brain in tires wtf. That’s not fast food.
  • I had a feeling the kid killed his dad. (Maybe I’m getting good at predicting this stuff.)
  • Ted Danson is a good dad.

12-8: Crime After Crime

  • Holy shit twists. I liked how Ted Danson connected the dots.
  • Welp, old cop guy. Yay for Ted Danson being good.
  • I’ve been watching this show regularly for three months now and I still don’t know any of the character names.

12-9: Zippered

  • So hype for Ted Danson sassing the FBI.
  • Yay, it’s Jake from the original Melrose Place! Is Catherine falling for him? I hope he comes back.
  • What a crazy case. Super guns everywhere.

12-10: Genetic Disorder

  • I was worried when it turned out to be the old dude’s wife, but I’m glad she was good after all.
  • Apparently genealogy is dangerous. What a fucked up family.
  • Phoebe/Ursula from Kindergarten Cop!

South Park:

15-12: 1%

  • Welp, Cartman is the 1%. I didn’t expect it to be about fitness though.
  • Butters and Jimmy as the only protesters? Oh man.
  • Clyde Frog. :(
  • Welp, a tea party with stuffed animals.
  • Poor Token.
  • Damn you Polly Prissy Pants. Is this really the end of the toys?

15-13: A History Channel Thanksgiving

  • Oh man, Kyle has menopause.
  • Is the History Channel really that bad with theories and dubious sources?
  • Aaaaaa aliens with stuffing mines. No one cares about the Green Lantern planet.
  • So I guess this is a Thor parody? I still need to see that.
  • And Natalie Portman’s vagina saves Thanksgiving.

15-14: The Poor Kid

  • Aaaaa, they remembered Kenny’s siblings. (His sister is Karen? What’s the brother’s name?)
  • Yay Mysterion. Loved how he beat up that little bitch.
  • So Cartman’s mom is not a crackwhore anymore? What new jobs does she have?
  • Oh no, Dr. Pepper torture.
  • A bird ate Kenny wtf.

Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes:

56: Mebukijika! Four Seasons All Together!!

  • A magic forest with all the seasons?
  • Is that Kappei Yamaguchi?
  • Didn’t he already have Kokoromori’s Pokedex data? Or was that just Koromori?
  • What season is it, anyway? I remember there was a spring Shikijika at the musical.
  • I hate those fucking mushrooms.
  • Wow, Satoshi carrying him.
  • I like the nice choral music.

57: Zuruggu and the Selfish Gothim!

  • Yay a Zuruggu episode.
  • That trainer is really pushy. Glad Pokabu beat her Vulgina.
  • Gothim is such a bitch. Hooray for Tsutarja spanking it.

58: Iris and Monozu! Daycare Training!!

  • Is that the daycare guy from the games? I don’t remember what he looked like.
  • So sad. I really thought Iris would get the Monozu, but at least his trainer wasn’t a jerk.
  • So Team Rocket’s going after the cloud things.

59: The Amazing A*Gilder vs Freege Man!

  • Oh man.
  • Does A*Gilder have Handsome’s theme!?
  • I need to watch the original Kamen Rider, and Kaiketsu Zubat (no relation).
  • I loved how Satoshi was a big fanboy and didn’t get it until the end.
  • Is the Hodomoe gym leader just like in the games? Old bastard.

60: Dent and Pod: A Brother Battle! Baoppu vs Yanappu!!

  • Yay Pod and Baoppu. Monkey friends in the tree reminds me of Gokuu.
  • Let’s learn SolarBeam.
  • Now the gym leader is back, but oh no Team Rocket did stuff.

61: Tornelos vs Voltolos vs Landoros! (Part 1)

  • I love Revival Herbs. Don’t dry up. :(
  • This priest guy looks a lot like Shooti.
  • Not even Muggyo can defeat Voltolos and Tornelos.
  • Come on, Landoros! Earthquake everyone into submission. I guess he only likes chicks.

62: Tornelos vs Voltolos vs Landoros! (Part 2)

  • Dangoro is there? Satoshi sure switches Pokemon a lot.
  • Team Rocket can summon weather gods and trap them in laser cubes, but they can’t keep unevolved Pokemon from blowing up a helicopter.
  • Yay, recreating the legend. Now Tornelos and Voltolos are friendly too.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

3-12: Four Star Spectacular!

  • Yay, Adam Strange saved the day from the jerk bomb and gave his girlfriend a puppy.
  • Cute mirror plan from the Flash. (I figured he only left the costume.)
  • I don’t remember Mazing Man, but he’s a terrible catsitter. I loved him imagining Batman.
  • Creature Commandos? Weird. I’m glad they saved the dinosaurs, though.

3-13: Mitefall!

  • Yessss Batman teaming up with Abraham Lincoln. This is what I wanted.
  • Man Batmite does so much fourth wall.
  • Oh no, John DiMaggio replaced with Ted McGinley.
  • Ambush Bug is really weird, but !!!!! Henry Winkler!
  • Yay, a party with all the other heroes.

Young Justice:

1-16: Failsafe

  • I suspected everything was a simulation all along, but they had me going with the teleport at first, too.
  • Is Kid Flash/Artemis a thing yet?
  • Damn, Miss Martian is too strong. Will that be used against her later?

1-17: Disordered

  • Yay, Bill Fagerbakke.
  • Black Canary a counselor? Is she trained for that, or just a people person?
  • Superboy makes new friends, solves the mystery of Sphere, and defeats Darkseid’s minions.

1-18: Secrets

  • Yay, a Marvin the Martian joke.
  • Poor Captain Marvel.
  • This Harm guy is creepy.
  • So Robin does know who Artemis is? But she still won’t tell.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

4-8: The General

  • What the hell is that neon giant centipede thing?
  • God, the general is such a dick. (Evil?)
  • Weird bubble pretzel ships, what.

4-9: Plan of Dissent

  • Damn, the Clone Troopers stole the bubble pretzels to blow up the ship. Poor dead guy. (Hardhead?)
  • General Dickhead.
  • Is the commander (Rex?) going down too?
  • A four-parter? Is this a first?

4-10: Carnage of Krell

  • Krell is such a dick. Not a very good Jedi either, being so racist.
  • Shit, the Clones got tricked into fighting each other.
  • I wonder how these Clones will feel about Order 66.

4-11: Kidnapped

  • Wolverine people with pet Furbies and caged gremlins.
  • Ahsoka’s people? I guess this connects both of their pasts.
  • Damn, Anakin.

4-12: Slaves of the Republic

  • Ahsoka has a pretty dress.
  • Anakin the Mr. Charm.
  • Oh shit, Vader choke!
  • What a cliffhanger! Obi-Wan subdued, everyone captured…


5-2: Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

  • Hi Trinity. And Green Arrow.
  • I had a feeling the little brother wasn’t just a prisoner, but I didn’t expect him to be a protected witness.
  • Oh geez, Morgan screwing up the robbery rescue.
  • The Intersect is breaking Morgan’s brain? Wtfffffff a traitor.
  • So Casey’s in love, but shy about it?

5-3: Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

  • Yay, Beckman!
  • Morgan being such a douche. I can’t believe he dumped Alex.
  • Haha, Morgan got pantsed anyway.
  • Casey and Verbanski yay.
  • What the fuck, Awesome cured Jeff? It’s a miracle.
  • Oh shit don’t blow up.

5-4: Chuck Versus the Business Trip

  • No more Intersect Morgan? Welp.
  • Kind of obvious the woman would be Viper, but poor Sarah.
  • Oh shit, Casey and Lester going to jail.

5-5: Chuck Versus the Hack Off

  • Oh god, Lester and Casey in jail together.
  • Verbanski really is a female Casey. They’d be a really good couple. :(
  • Yay for re-stealing the virus… and blowing up Decker!?

5-6: Chuck Versus the Curse

  • Rebecca Romijn is so mean.
  • Ellie and Awesome being awesome.
  • What the hell is going on? The virus was unleashed?

5-7: Chuck Versus the Santa Suit

  • I thought Shaw was dead (again)? Psycho asshole.
  • Wow, Jeff and Lester figured out the virus.
  • Hell yeah, Chuck hacked the upload and kicked some ass.
  • Damn, Casey got shot. So hardcore.
  • Hi Stan Lee. That CIA building looked like Wolfram & Hart.
  • What an episode. I thought it would end so happily, but a baby!?

5-8: Chuck Versus the Baby

  • So that’s what happened with Sarah’s mom.
  • It was kind of obvious how the baby plot would turn out, but damn what a cruel cliffhanger.
  • Yay, Tony Todd return. But no more CIA?


1-10: Sight Beyond Sight

  • So much for “an elephant never forgets.” I’m glad they’re not evil.
  • I liked the Thunderkittens learning the music meditation stuff.
  • Calm down, Lion-O. Don’t be so brash.

1-11: Forest of Magi Oar

  • What’s with all this paper? More like Forest of Japan.
  • I had a feeling the paper dudes were evil as soon as I saw the mill, but the sword breaking threw me.
  • Cheetara gets a special new staff? Hmm.

1-12: Into the Astral Plane

  • Wow, Tygra and Cheetara had a past?
  • Tygra was pretty awesome, but all that bitterness and jealousy is not very endearing. I don’t know what to think.

1-13: Between Brothers

  • Glad Tygra turned out to be decent, and even better that Cheetara chose him (really surprised me).
  • Another jewel get. Yay for collecting stuff.
  • I liked the elephant dudes fighting back.
  • Damn, Panthro. Will he get new arms later? (Robot arms!?) And is Grune gone for good?

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