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As you may have noticed, I like talking to myself about TV shows. I like using my blog as an outlet for that sort of thing, because my friends, social networks, and IRC aren’t all interested in all the same things I am. (I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who shares all the same interests as me.) Also, I hate spoilers, and I don’t want to risk spoiling things for other people without the ability to warn first. And I rarely watch anything within 24 hours of its airing, so it’s odd to try striking up conversations about things that aired days, weeks, or even months ago.

But anyway. My TV rambles have always been more talking than writing, so I’ve been wanting to try doing it in audio form for a while. But I couldn’t really use my microphone until recently. And on a whim I decided to try it out in late February, rather than waiting until summer. So rather than typing up unordered lists for each episode, I recorded myself saying sentences. It’s still just as disjointed, but with brief silence instead of bullet points for separation. And I ended up doing stuff for January, February, and March episodes, so I’m not gonna bother listing every show before the cut. Also, there are no text spoilers, but there are tons of them in the audio files.

Note that this is merely an experiment in audio, so I don’t guarantee amazing quality. I did my best to keep it from being a technical nightmare, and I think I at least achieved that. I encoded them as FLAC because they did not compress to MP3 well, and I don’t expect people to load a bunch of 30 second clips of me onto their iPods or whatever. On that note, it’s unlikely I’ll try to turn this into a podcast or anything, because the content is too varied, and I don’t have that much to say about any individual show. (And a group discussion wouldn’t work, because the stuff I said in the first paragraph.)

Also, there are inconsistencies between the files, namely in the volume and my tone of voice. I guess I was more alert and energetic in some recording sessions, while more quiet and monotonous in others. I also can’t seem to put the microphone in the same place every time. Oh, and I have been very dehydrated lately, so I had lots of gasping noises to edit out, lest people think I’m a mouth-breather or something. I probably went through a few gallons of water while recording all this stuff.

Anyway, here are all the files. Yes, that’s really my voice. I wish I sounded as deep as I do in my own head, because I want to be Masako Nozawa when I grow up. Also, I sound very nasal because I can only breathe through one nostril.

(EDIT: Forgot to add this sooner, but I was clearly falling asleep while recording Young Justice 1-23, and I know I misspoke the season number for a couple of Chuck episodes, too.)

Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger
45: Scatterbrain Ninja
46: Hero Eligibility
47: The Lengths of Betrayal
48: The Destined Showdown
49: The Greatest Treasure in the Universe
50: Day of the Final Battle
51: Goodbye, Space Pirates (Series Finale)

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters
01: Special Ops Team, Assemble! (Series Premiere)
02: The Promise From 13 Years Ago
03: GT-02 Animal, Dispatched!
04: Special Ops and Determination
05: Dangerous Overheating!

Kamen Rider Fourze
17: Debut of the Meteor
18: Gen vs Ryuu Showdown
19: Steel Dragon is Unequaled
20: A Superior Magnetic Force
21: Some Misguided Career Counseling
22: Kicking Your True Self
23: The White Bird Alliance
24: A Wish for Heroics
25: A Hair Pulling Graduation
26: The Perfect Round Dance
27: A Transformation is Denied
28: The Star Storm’s Comeback

4-13: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? (Mid-Season Premiere)
4-14: Mama Can You Hear Me?
4-15: Trust, Truth and Traffic
4-16: No Good Deed
4-17: Babes in Toyland
4-18: Blood Is Thicker Than Mud
4-19: The Heart Will Go On
4-20: Blue Ivy

South Park
16-1: Reverse Cowgirl (Season Premiere)
16-2: Cash For Gold
16-3: Faith Hilling

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
12-11: Ms. Willows Regrets (Mid-Season Premiere)
12-12: Willows in the Wind
12-13: Tressed to Kill
12-14: Seeing Red
12-15: Stealing Home
12-16: CSI Unplugged
12-17: Trends with Benefits
12-18: Malice in Wonderland

Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes
63: An Underground Gym Battle! VS Yakon!!
64: Bachuru and Dentula! Electric Stone Cave!!
65: Link Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Agilder!!
66: The Ebony Hero Ruins! Symboler and Deathkarn!!
67: Double Battle! Pikachu and Waruvile VS Pendler and Gamageroge!!
68: Afros Go! Bufflons No!!
69: Fukiyose Gym’s Air Battle! Dent the Challenger!?
70: Fukiyose Gym! A Mid-Air Battle Against Fuuro!!
71: Over the Biggest Obstacles! Climb the Sky Tower!!
72: The Donnamite Begins! Zuruggu vs Yanakki!!
73: On Goes the Donnamite! Crimgan vs Kirikizan!!
74: The Intense Donnamite! Kirikizan vs Enbuou!!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
4-13: Escape from Kadavo (Mid-Season Premiere)
4-14: A Friend in Need
4-15: Deception
4-16: Friends and Enemies
4-17: The Box
4-18: Crisis on Naboo
4-19: Massacre
4-20: Bounty
4-21: Brothers
4-22: Revenge (Season Finale)

5-09: Chuck Versus the Kept-Man
5-10: Chuck Versus Bo
5-11: Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
5-12: Chuck Versus Sarah
5-13: Chuck Versus the Goodbye (Series Finale)

1-14: New Alliances (Something Premiere)
1-15: The Trials of Lion-O (Part 1)

Young Justice
1-19: Misplaced (Mid-Season Premiere)
1-20: Coldhearted
1-21: Image
1-22: Agendas
1-23: Insecurity

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