Comic Thoughts: Buffy, Willow, and Norman

Check out my review of Siege #1 on FBR. But the rest will be quick thoughts on older things that I’ve accidentally let pile up. Buffy Season Eight #30 from two months ago, and the Willow one-shot from three weeks ago. Nonetheless, I’ll try to hide spoilers with color codes, which, as a warning, might not work properly in feed readers.

Buffy #30
I had to skim through #29 again, because I had completely forgotten what was going on. #31 comes out tomorrow, and I probably won’t remember what happens here by the time I get my copy of that either. But mostly because of the fact that hardly anything happens in this issue. We find out the deal with Riley, and we get a trippy ending (my theory: Buffy got all the stolen powers from the goddesses, which is why she’ll be Superman in upcoming issues), but not much else.

Not too big on this artist (who also did the Fray arc). But it’s a little underwhelming. It’s not bad; in fact, it’s fairly interesting, and there’s a lot of fun Jossy dialogue, but it’s like, “That was it?” Actually, I’m not even entirely sure what “it” was.

But speaking of Joss Whedon, I canceled my Angel subscription because A) he was no longer involved in the series (thus killing the canon-ness or whatever), and B) the non-Brian Lynch writers don’t look promising. I read #18-22 just to give it a chance, and it was just…no. But the Gunn and Drusilla stuff Lynch came back for were pretty good. I still need to read the last of his run (#26, #27, and the annual), which are probably the last things I’ll ever buy from IDW. Well, I already bought them and they’re currently collecting dust until I read them and put them away, but yeah.

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