TV Thoughts: Leprechauns and Crock Pots

I still watch television, of course. In particular, I have a few things to say about the newest episodes of Raw, Lost, Chuck, and Inuyasha: Final Act. So close to having all one word name shows, but the last one had to go and add a subtitle. Spoilers are hidden.

Raw – March 1st, 2010:
I normally like Cheech and Chong, but this might actually have been a good show if every segment related to them was deleted. Although I have always dreamed of throwing cereal at Michael Cole.

Lost 6-6 – Sundown:
There were a few good moments, but it was more hokey than anything. It was hard not to laugh at some things just because of how ridiculous they were. Like Jack being in that hospital was so predictable that I’d swear they’re just making fun of themselves.

Chuck 3-8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name:
As this episode was starting, I thought to myself, “Where’s Big Mike been?” And oh hey, there he is with a crock pot. But wow, that was a good episode. Perfect mix of humor, drama, and suspense, which I’ve probably said about this show a dozen times already. I love the way Chuck pulled off his mission, and those two mobster guys were just awesome.

Inuyasha: Final Act 22 – Naraku: Trap of Darkness:
I love episodes where Jaken gets to do stuff. And since it’s clear he’s going to do more stuff in the upcoming episodes, my excitement for next week is more genuine than usual. I like that they remembered the existence of the Dragon Scale Tessaiga, because I sure didn’t. Oh, and Takeshi Kusao was pretty awesome.

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